P132B turbocharger/supercharger boost control A

Fault code P132B turbocharger/supercharger boost control A is related to the problem with turbocharger under boost. Engine control module monitor amount of boost pressure from turbocharger to intake manifold to increase the performance of engine. when engine control module monitor low or high boost pressure from turbocharger through manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP) it set the fault code. this can be happen because of multiple reason as the boost system of engine is connected with many things. Engine control module recieve signal of air pressure from manifold absolute pressure sensor(MAP). By using MAP sensor signal ECU calculate amount of air pressure entering into engine. According to the pressure of air engine control module send signal to turbocharger actuator to open or close.

Cause of P132B turbocharger/supercharger boost control A :

  • Faulty Turbocharger actuator.
  • mechanical failure or broken fins in turbo.
  • Faulty vacuum solenoid motor.
  • Broken vacuum pipe.
  • Faulty manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP).
  • mechanical failure at vacuum pump.
  • Incorrect Connection of vacuum pipe.

Symptoms of P132B :

  • Warning light will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • Poor pickup while driving.
  • Fault code will store in engine control module.
  • Black smoke can be seen.

Solution of P132B turbocharger/supercharger boost control A :

  • Replace faulty turbocharger actuator.
  • Repair broken wiring harness.
  • Replace broken vacuum pipe.
  • Repair vacuum pump.
  • Replace faulty MAP sensor.
  • Repair or replace faulty or broken turbo fins.

How to diagnose fault code P132B :

  • Mechanic should start diagnosing this problem by scaning the fault code with the help of scan tool. Check the status of fault code, and also the live data of boost system. If fault code appear again after deleting it then it might be serious problem.
  • STEP#1 visually inspect for damage at vacuum motor, turbocharger actuator, vacuum pipe, turbocharger fin, air filter etc. Then got to check the voltage across solenoid actuator motor. If voltage supply and the wiring harnes is good. Check the vacuum pipe for its propper connection,as manufacture. Sometime due to the incorrect connection of vacuum pipe also lead to have fault code to be store.
  • STEP#2 Check EGR pipe or intake pipe for the deposition of carbon in it. Check voltage supply across EGR actuator and its wiring harness. Also check EGR vaccume actuator for its proper function. Check the lever of actuator sometime it get damage, due to which fails to operate actuator. When EGR actuator will not actuate properly. It will not allow the extra amount of air to enter in combustion engine to increase the performance of the engine.
  • STEP#3 Check leak at intake by performing smoke test at intake manifold. Leakage at intake manifold will cause excessive air to come in engine which will make lean mixture. Finding leakage at intake manifold will not be easy to find but it must be close so that extra amount of air should not enter in engine.
  • STEP#4 Check vacuum pump for its mechanical failure due to low oil pressure or any other reasone. If in any case the vacuum pump does not working properly the whole vacuum line will not work as require. Check the oil pressure at vacuum pump, if oil pressure is good. Then check the vacuum pump it self for any damage.if any damage or corrosion find in it change the whole assembly of vaccume pump.

How serious it can be to drive with fault code P132B :

Driving with fault code P132B will cause no boost or poor pickup while driving. Sometime it make hassitation at engine while driving. It will also cause low milage due to low intake at intake manifold. There no any other problem to drive with this fault code as it is related to pickup problem.

Special note while troubleshooting P132B :

  • Before changing any part or sensor check all the above solution. That will help you go in a correct way to solve your problem
  • If you found low Or high voltage across sensor or actuator try to find out the reasone before low voltage. This can be due to broken wiring harness or blown fuse.
  • Boost system consist of many sensor and actuator to boost the vehicle. Check one by one every thing to find the faulty sensor or actuator which is causing to store the fault code.
  • most of the importanim thing is to check the proper connection of vacuum pipe. Because if vacuum pipe connect in improper way that will also cause the same problem.

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