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This site is related to the solution of car electrical problem. Solution of all OBD trouble code’s present in the car computer. Damage wiring repair, scanning, coding, programming, height calibration, steering calibration, service reset, etc.

Need Help with these warning lights ?

Engine Light

Nowadays modern car has so many sensors, actuators which is used to power up the engine and increase the engines fuel effciency . A control module is also installed at the engine compartment which is used to control the complete function of the engine, known as engine control module (ECM). 

Engine warning light is used to warn the driver that engine control module detects some problem in the engine compartment. When engine control module detect faulty signal from any sensor or actuator due to any reason it send the signal to instument cluster meter to flash the engine light. When it starts illuminating on the cluster meter. Visit workshop to fix the problem due to which this warning light starts illuminating on cluster meter. 

ABS Light

ABS stand for antilock braking system installed in the vehicle to increase the power of braking system and decrease the risk of accident at high speed. By stopping the vehicle at minimum duration of time at minimum range. 

There are four wheel speed sensors located at each wheel and a control module which is used to sens the speed of each wheel with the help of those wheel speed sensors. When any one or more wheel speed sensors stop sending a signal or send the wrong signal to the ABS control module. It sends signal to the instrument cluster meter to turn ON the warning indicator light on the cluster meter. 

Air Bag Light

Air Bag safety system installed in car for the safety of the driver and passenger inside the car at the time of accident. it helps to save the life by making less injury to the driver or passenger. There are two or more air bag ingnitor located at the driver and passenger. Two ignitor seat belt at driver and passenger side and a crash sensor at the front end of the vehicle chassis. A control module is used to control all these ignitors. 

 When any one from these ignitors or sensor stop sending signal or send the  wrong signal to the control module. Then airbag control module send signal to the instument cluster meter to turn ON the warning indicator light on cluster meter. When air bag warning light start illuminating on cluster meter. visit workshop as it is a safety feature of car. 

Power Steering Light

In modern vehicles, power steering system is installed to make the steering operation smooth and effortless for the driver. The power steering system consists of a control module, an electronic motor, and a torque sensor fitted inside the steering column. 

When steering wheel is turned by the driver torque sensor senses the torque applied by the driver, sends this signal to the power steering control module according to which. The control module give power supply to the electronic motor to turn the steering wheel accordingly. When the steering control module did not receive or receive the wrong signal from the torque sensor or electronic motor. it sends signal to instrument cluster meter to turn ON the power steering warning indicator light on cluster meter. 

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All kind of electrical And Electronic repair in cars

fault code solution

solution of all kind of OBD code present in the car computer that make engine light to illuminate on cluster meter.

Wiring Repair

Repairing of damage wiring harness at engine compartment of various sensor  and actuator .

ECU Repairing

Repairing of Engine Control Module due to short circuit and failure of electronic components present in the ECU.

Coding & Programing

Replacing any control module in the vehicle like  ECU, AIR BAG, ABS , BCM, IMMO need be program. in which some coding and programing are online.