Cf17b1 reciever EGS transmitter GWS

Fault code Cf17b1 reciever EGS transmitter GWS is related to the problem with gear shifter(GWS) which is use to sift gear. This fault code could be store in control module due to no communication between EGS and GWS control module. This kind of fault code store in control module when gear shifter(GWS) does not response while shifting gear. This problem can be seen in vehicle due a faulty gear shifter(GWS) or it can be possible that there is some problem occurs inside automatic transmission gear box. Due to failure of any one of these thing this fault Cf17a1 receiver EGS transmitter GWS could be store in control module.

In BMW there is a manual method to shifting gear into P(park) or N(neutral) which is also called as interlock manual gate. That is a kind of allen key (5mm) screwed in automatic transmission with the help of which shifting of gear can be done in brake down situation or any other situation. Some time when this allen key get more loose than according to manufacturer it can be possible that gear will not shift. So when this kind of problem occurs in vehicle this thing also may be the reason behind that problem.

Causes of Cf17b1 reciever EGS transmitter GWS :

1.Faulty EGS(electronic gear selector switch).

2.Damage wiring harness of gear selector or gear.

3.Faulty automatic transmission gear box.

4.Loose allen key of interlock manual gate at gear.

Symptoms of Cf17b1 reciever EGS transmitter GWS :

1.Gear will not shift from park to drive mode.

2.Fault code will store in control module.

3.Warning light will illuminate on cluster meter.

How to trouble shoot :

Whenever there is a problem occurs of gear not shifting in the system. It can be a difficult to solve this kind of problem as this could be happen due to multiple reasons.

In this situation you need to scan vehicle with the help of scan tool to find out fault code store in the control module.In this situation there might be so many fault code store in the system. Find actual fault code and rectify the fault code that at which part fault code indicate problem.

First of all if gear is not shifting even after applying brake and trying to release gear in drive. With the help of scan tool check moment of gear shifter (GWS). Pull the gear to shift into R position, read data stream in scan tool if it also show that EGS is commanding to get shift in R position but there is no function at transmission to shift gear. Check all its position like D ( Drive ) and N (neutral ) if it show perfectly at all the position proper signal than go to check the problem at automatic transmission. In case it does not show any one signal than check wiring harness and gear shifter (GWS) it self if find faulty than replace that could solve the problem. If there is no problem at gear shifter (GWS) then move towards automatic transmission control module to find problem.

Before going to check any other thing at the transmission. Go to check inter lock manual gate at the gear box. It is located at the rear left side of transmission. Remove all the cover shield so that it can be visible to work on it. Check that inter lock manual gate, there will be a small 5mm alenkey screw which is use to put the gear in N position in brake down situation. That screw should be present at that lock, if screw is not available at the location than it is clear that this thing is creating all this problem of no gear shift in system. Put a new screw and tight it slightly untill gear shifter (GWS) show P position at gear shifter (GWS). But if inter lock manual gate is present at its proper location than it will not create any problem.

After all this go to check wiring harness, all fuses of automatic transmission. If there is any faulty fuse replace that blown fuse. Repair damage wiring harness if found damage at wiring harness. When there is no blown fuse or damage wiring harness and everything is good. Than go to check faulty automatic transmission or mechatronic inside the gear box.

Solution :

1.Repair damage wiring harness of EGS.

2.Replace faulty EGS controller.

3.Maintain position of interlock manual gate.

4.Replace blown fuse.

5.Repair damage wiring harness.

6.Repair Or replace faulty transmission control.

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