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Bmw tyre pressure warning light

Tyre pressure monitoring system is use to monitor the pressure inside of tyre. It help the driver to know about each tyre pressure if it below or at acceptable level. There are four tyre pressure monitoring sensor installed inside each tyre. That monitor pressure inside tyre and send signal to control module in the form of ultrasonic signal. It can be controlled from idrive to reset the pressure of tyres. In different cars according to manufacturer pressure of tyre could be different. At the right side of driver actual pressure of tyre are printed in the form of sticker. From where you can see the actual pressure and fill air into tyre according to that. When there is any one or more tyre pressure sensor stopr working. Than you will see bmw tyre pressure warning light.

Causes of Bmw tyre pressure warning light:

  • Faulty tyre pressure sensor.
  • Low pressure inside tyre.
  • Leak of air from tyres.
  • Broken tyre pressure sensor inside tyre.

Symptoms of Bmw tyre pressure warning light:

  • Symptoms of low pressure in tyre could be feel while driving vehicle.
  • There will be a warning indicator light will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • Tyre will go all the way flat.
  • Tyre pressure may increase due to heat on tyre, as air get expand when it come in contact with heat.

How to trouble shoot:

  • When there is a warning indicator light illuminate on cluster meter which indicate that tyre pressure problem.
  • First of all with the help of idrive check which tyre pressure is below or above of required pressure.
  • If it show problem at one tyre, check that if tyre pressure is below of above according to the required pressure. When tyre pressure is above require pressure than remove some air from tyre so that pressure could be stable as per the requirements. This problem of above pressure inside tyre could be happens due to maximum air filling from air filling station because of improper measurements of pressure.
  • Sometime this problem of above air pressure could be happen due to heat from sunlight as air pressure inside tyre get expand when heat is more outside. In this case you need to park your vehicle inside shade area where tyre does not come in contact with sunlight directly. Because if you will see there that air pressure is more as per the requirements and you will remove some air from tyre than for that time pressure will be proper and there will be no warning light. But when you will go to in shade area or somewhere, where tyre does not face heat than that expanded gas will shrink and then you will see that your indicator warning light is again illuminating.
  • Second thing is that which can create problem like this is faulty tyre pressure sensor itself. When tyre pressure sensor become so weak to transfer signal till control module. Then also this kind of problem is seen in vehicle. When pressure of tyre is equal according to manufacturer and still there is a warning of tyre pressure at cluster.
  • Than you need to check each tyre pressure sensor with the help of machine. With the help of tyre pressure measuring machine check each tyre pressure. From where you can get to know that which tyre pressure sensor is not emitting signal to control module. When found that any one or more sensor is not sending signal to control module than replace them.
  • After replacing faulty tyre pressure sensor you will need to fill air in all four tyres and initialize tyre pressure from idrive. Than take a long test drive and check if again it showing warning of tyre pressure.  
  • In some cases when all four tyre pressure sensor send signal to control module. Then also it is indicating problem at tyre pressure than it might be possible that tyre pressure control module is faulty. Check tyre pressure control module for water damage, most of the time tyre pressure sensor get fail due to water damage.

How risky it is to drive with this warning:

Driving with this warning of low tyre pressure could be risky as tyre pressure play an important role in car movement. When there will be low tyre pressure in tyre. Then you might feel uncomfortable driving while driving at high speed. Also there will be high risk of low braking power when tyre pressure is low. In this case it is also possible that tyre may get blast.

When tyre pressure is more than require value, than it will be good to remove access amount of air from tyre. Because driving with more pressure in tyre may be very dangerous. Like if you are driving at high speed on highway with high pressure in tyre. Then there will be a high chance of blasting tyre. Due to air expanding inside tyre by reacting with sunlight.

Like these there are so many things that could be happen due to low or high air pressure inside tyre.


  • Try to initialize tyre pressure from idrive after filling proper pressure.
  • Fill proper amount of pressure inside tyre according to manufacturer.
  • Repair or replace faulty tyre pressure sensor.
  • low or high size of tyre.
  • Replace faulty tyre pressure control module.

 How to reset tyre pressure in bmw:

Resetting tyre pressure in bmw may be different in different type of models. Like in some old model of bmw you can reset the tyre pressure from that nob which you can see on the side area of cluster meter. In some model it can be reset by the side switch which is used to control wiper motor.

In new models like F10, F25, F30 you will get idrive on the central console of your left side. With the help of which you can reset tyre pressure.

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