01130 ABS Operation

Fault code 01130 ABS operation is related to the problem with Anti lock braking system (ABS). ABS control module is use to monitor vehicles speed by monitoring speed of wheel with the help of ABS sensor located on the each wheel bearing. There are four wheel speed sensor located on each wheels bearing. When any one of these from ABS sensor get fail there will be a warning indicator start illuminating on cluster meter.

ABS warning ligh on cluster meter

When someone replace any one or more ABS sensor with after market product which is not a OEM product. After driving some kilometre distance this after market start misbehaving due to irregular function. At this time when ABS control module receive this irregular signal from ABS sensor it store fault 01130 ABS operation in control module.

Also there are two or more brake pad sensor which are located between brake pad to know the life of brake pad. As when brake pad get completely finish, this brake pad sensor show warning light on cluster meter to change brake pad as well as brake pad sensor. Some time mechanic replace this brake pad sensor with after market brake pad sensor. In this situation when ABS control module receive irregular signals from this after market brake pad sensor, set fault 01130 ABS operation.

Causes of 01130 ABS Operation :

  • Faulty ABS sensor.
  • Damage wiring harness.
  • Blown fuse.
  • Faulty brake pad sensor.
  • Internal failure of ABS brake control module.
  • progranning issue in ABS control module.

Symptoms of 01130 ABS Operation :

  • ABS warning light will illuminate on cluster meter while driving.
  • fault code may store in control module.
  • some function of ABS system will stop working.

How to trouble shoot :

  • When ABS warning light start flashing on cluster meter while driving. Scan vehicle with the help of scan tool, when found fault code 01130 ABS operation store in control module.
  • Start diagnosing this problem from checking each wheel speed with the help of ABS sensor. Go to data stream of ABS and select all four wheel speed, drive a short distance and check if any one or more wheel speed sensor is showing different reading. If found any one or more sensor showing wrong reading replace that fualty ABS sensor. that can solve problem of this fault code. After this fault code should not be store in control module, but if still it is store in control module than there might be some other thing that is causing this fault code to be store in control module.
  • Next thing to check for this problem is brake pad sensor condition. If they are in bad situation replace then with new one that can remove fualt code from control module. If you find that the brake pad sensor condition is good enough but that is not a original product. than also replace that brake pad sensor with new original that can solve problem.
  • Other thing in this situation to check is wiring harness of ABS control module. if found any where damage wiring harness like power supply, ground and CAN line wire. Than repair that which can solve problem. also check fuse if any one is blown replace them with new one.
  • If all the above things are good, there is no problem in those all the things. than it might be possible that it is a problem of programming error in ABS control module. in this situation programming ABS control module is a good idea that can solve this problem.
  • In case if after programming ABS control module, warnign light still flashing. than it means that the ABS control module is faulty. Replace fautly ABS control module that can be faulty from internal short circuit.
ABS sensor reading

Solution :

  • Repair damage wiring harness.
  • Replace blown fuse.
  • Replace faulty ABS sensor.
  • Repair or replace after market product fitted in vehicle.
  • Replace faulty brake pad sensor.
  • Programme ABS control module.
  • Replace faulty ABS control module.

Special Note :

Before replacing any sesnor or control module follow all the above procedure which are given. in case of faulty ABS control module replace faulty control module with the same part number as printed on fitted ABS control module. After replacement of ABS control module perform programming and coding procedure.

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