U1013 Control Module Not Coded

fault code U1013 control module set in the ride height or level control module. When control module detect no coding inside the control module of ride height level control module. fault code U1013 is set when new level control module is installed in control module. after replacing the control module it need to do coding. According to its manufacturer without doing coding in the control module it will not work and set fault code in the memory of controller.

Any control module which replace by new control module in any vehicle need new coding of that part according to the all other parts which are installed in car.

Cause of u1013 :

  • New control module part number does not match.
  • Deleted coding from control module.
  • Also failure of level control module

Symptoms of U1013 :

  • Air suspension light will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • fault code will store in control module.
  • Also car can go to it lower height.

Solution of U1013 :

  • replace control module .
  • code the control module according to it manufacturer.
  • at this situation it require online coding.
  • offline coding cannot be done.

How to trouble shoot:

This fault code can be store in control module because of failure of control module. and also doing some mistake at the time of calibration of level control system. while calibration the mechanic or electrician should give full attention on calibration. because at the time of calibration there will be some option which if you will select by mistakely .Then also the coding of the control module will delete automatically.

to prevent this problem mechanic should do proper attention on the calibration of height. Also at the time of doing any work in the level control module. To solve this problem online coding is require without that nothing will work.

If installing new control module with other control module. check new control module part number that should be same as per the old part number than only new control module work. if part number of old and new control module is not same than it will not going to work.

In some case part number of new and old part are same but still control module does not function properly. in this case new control module need coding and programming to work fine.

when found in audi A6, Audi Q7 or Audi A8 this fault code should take seriously. and work on it as a professional because to solve this problem you need to do online coding. and if you are not the professional to do this take help from professionals.

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