U0126 Lost Communication With Steering Angle Sensor Module

Fault code U0126 Lost Communication With Steering Angle Sensor Module means that the steering angle sensor is not communicating with other control module present in vehicle. Like ECS (electronic stability control ), steering control module, TCM (transmission control module) , CAN getway, power steering, etc. these control modules are connected with each other with the help of CAN bus. Without CAN bus these control module are not able to communicate with each other. Steering angle sensor is responsible for informing other control module that in which position steering is with the help of CAN bus system. if communication between angle sensor and can getway will not occure then also fault code U0126 Lost Communication With Steering Angle Sensor Module will store.

Steering control module use this information to turn the steering accordingly. Position of Steering angle sensor affect automatic ride height control system, and it is most important for ECS (electronic stability control system). Electronic stability control system maintain vehicle driving stability at every driving condition.

Symptoms U0126 Lost Communication With Steering Angle Sensor Module :

  • Steering warning light will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • ESC light will also illuminate on cluster meter.
  • Ride height light warning light may illuminate .
  • Also steering will turn very hardly.
  • rough driving experience.

Causes U0126 Lost Communication With Steering Angle Sensor Module:

  • Damage wiring harness.
  • Blown fuse.
  • Faulty Steering angle sensor.
  • Faulty Getway.
  • no communication between getway and steering angle sensor.
  • Also incomplete steering calibration.
  • Faulty ESC control module.

How to troubleshoot :

  • To diagnose this fault code mechanaic need to scan vehicle with the help of scan tool. find fault code and rectify that fault, there will be two status of fault code it might be passive or active. If fault code is in active status it is possible that steering angle sensor is faulty. If fault code is in passive status it might be due to other control module is faulty. As steering angle sensor is connected with ESC, power steering , CAN getway. in some case when there is any problem inside the ESC control module it alos affect the steering angle sensor.
  • Also check wiring harness of steering angle sensor, check power supply and ground. check connectivity of getway conrol module which is the hub of communication of each control module present in the vehicle. Pin (3) power, pin (10) ground, Pin (13) power.
  • CASE#1 With the help of scan tool check steering angle sensor position, if steering angle position is moving when steering is turning left or right. that it is possible that the steering angle is ok. it need to do callibrate, try to callibrate it if all the warning light goes off after it take a trial of vihcle. if there is no any problem or warnign light in the control module it means that the work done.
  • CASE#2 Check fault code in all the control module which are connected to steering angle sensor. find fautl code related of steering angle sensor in all the control module. check status of fault code in the control modules if it is indicating towards the steering angle sensor or not.if all the fault code store in control module indicating no problem in the steering angle sensor. check which faulty conrtol module is creating this fault code. if the fault code present in the ESC(electronic srability control) control module indicating problem towards the ESC(electronic srability control) module. check electronic srability control module for its internal failure or its wiring harness faulty. if found any problem inside the ESC control module or in its wiring harness repair it or replace it to solve the problem occures with steering angle sensor.
  • CASE#3 also there is a Getway control module which is located below the rear seat, check wiring harness of this control module. sometime its wiring harness get damage, which can lead no communication with getway.and without cmmunication with getway control module

Solution :

  • Repair damage wiring harness.
  • Replace blown fuse.
  • Replace faulty steering angle sensor.
  • Perform steering angle sensor calibration.
  • Repair or replace faulty ECS control module.
  • Also replace faulty can getway conrol module.

Special Note :

Do not replace any control module or any part before diagnosing properly. as this fault code usually store in control module due to wiring harness problem. sometime a blown fuse also create this fault code. it might be also the problem of loose connection with getway module. check all the power and ground at the steering angle sensor. if any power supply or ground is missing that find reason behind that nad solve it. if all power supply and ground is ok than it might be tha problem of steering calibration. perform steering calibration that will solve the problem. if still not that go to replace steering angle sensor. replace steering angle sensor and perform calibration process.

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