Rang Rover Battery Not Charging

Rang rover battery not charging problem can be happen to many reasons like faulty battery, faulty alternator, blown alternator fuse, loose joint connection, loose battery cable, damage battery main cable. These are the list of problem that can be the reason behind Rang Rover battery not charging.

Symptoms of Rang Rover Battery Not Charging:

  • Battery will not charge.
  • Battery warning light will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • Fault of fautly alternator will store in control module.

Causes of Rang rover battery not charging :

  • Weak battery.
  • Faulty alternator.
  • Blown fuse.
  • Loose connection between alternator and battery.

How to trouble shoot :

  • When this problem found in vehicle first check battey condition, if battery is condition is good and there is no any problem at battery. Like week battery cell or low level of water in battery. But if found any problem at battery than first replace battery than move futher to check other problem if any.
  • Than first check voltage at battery with multimeter there should be 12 volt battery voltage. When you connect multermeter to both terminal of battery. If there is 12 volt present at battery than it is good. But if there is no 12 volts at battery than replace with new charge battery and that should be fully charge with 12 voltage.
  • After replacing week battery with fully charge battery start vehicle and connect multimeter at both terminal of battery. There should be above 13.90 volts. If found voltage above 13.90 than it is good, but if you did not get voltage above 13.90 volts than it means either alternator is not producing voltage to charge battery or there is some other problem like blown fuse or any loose connection.
  • Stop engine and do tight all loose connection at batery, at alternator or all the other connection. Than again start vehicle and connect multimeter to the both terminal of battery and check battery voltage. There should be voltage above 13.90 volts. If still battery voltage is 12 volts or below it than it means there is some measure issue.
  • After all this go to engine compartment and remove terminal from alternator and connect multimeter to alternator pole directly. Now start vehicle at this time multimeter should show voltage above 13.90 volts. If it is showing 13.90 voltage or above than it means that alternator is working good. But if still it is not showing voltage above 13.90 that it means alternator is faulty. Repair or replace alternator to solve problem of battery not charging. There might be some other problem at alternator like broken power supply, or igniton voltage.


  • The next step is if alternator is producing charging to charge battery than and that charging is not reaching at battery than also problem of battery not charging issue can be dittected. In this situation you should check continuity of cable which is connet with batter to alternator. This cable is not directly connected with alternator there might be some fuse between them. To check if continuity is proper or not take a thick cable which is capable of sustaining battery voltage and connect it to alternator and from there take it to connect directly at battery. Now battery should start charging, but if still battery not charging. Than check voltage at battery cable which is connected with alternator there should be above 13.90 volts. If it cable there is voltage above 13.90 than again connect cable at battery if battery should start charging. If after connecting cable to battery, battery did not start charging. Than it means either battery cable which is connected with alternator is short or some blown fuse shorting.
this fuse is use to connect battery and alternator to charge battery.
blown fuse at rear side


  • Now start checking from battery cable, first remove battery positive terminal at battery terminal there will be a fuse of about 450-500 Amp check continuity there. If that fuse is good than move further, remove rear right side cover there is fuse junction and below that there are two more fuses. check both of them fuse junction and that two fuse also, in my case from that two fuse one of them was blown. So after replacement of that one main fuse my problem was solve.
  • In your case if any one fuse is not good than replace that faulty fuse that will solve battery charging problem.
  • But in case that two main fuses is not blown that go to check further fuses at fuse junction rear side. If all fuse are good than move form there and come at front side at engine compartment. There is a fuse junction box at left side check the fuse if found any blown fuse than replace that blown fuse.
  • If found another fuse from rear right or front left fuse junction than replace that also. aftre finding blown fuse and replacing them now there should be continuity between alternator and battery. if still alternator is not charging battery than it means there is some problem with alternator wiring harness which is connected with alternator voltage regulator.

Solution of Rang Rover Battery Not Charging :

  • Replace blown fuse from fuse junction.
  • Repair or replace main battery cable.
  • Replace week battery.
  • Repair or replace faulty alternator.

Special note :

  • In this problem mostly people replace there battery or alternator and think that problem will solve after replacing these part. But all time it is not possible that after replacing these part problem will solve as there might be some other problem in vehicle due to which Range Rover battery not charging problem can be seen.

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