P2184 engine coolant temp sensor on radiator outlet (G83)

Fault code is related to the cooling system of vehicle engine. fault code P2184 engine coolant temp sensor on radiator outlet (G83) is set in the engine control module (ECU). when engine control module detect the faulty sensor signal in engine cooling system. there are two engine coolant temperature sensor in which one sensor is located on the thermostat and the other one is located on the radiator outlet. if ay one of them send any wrong signal to the ECU set P2184 engine coolant temp sensor on radiator outlet (G83).

these sensor is use in engine to monitor the amount of engine coolant temperature. sensor located on the radiator outlet is used to send the temperature of coolant coming out from radiator, and sensor which is located on the thermostat detect the temperature of the coolant and send the signal to the ECU. engine control module receive this fault code decide to turn on the radiator cooling fan if it is require.

How risky it is to drive with fault code P2184 :

If fault code P2184 engine coolant temperature sensor radiator outlet (G83) comes with  P0117 engine coolant temperature sensor (G62). it means that there is no any other problem with the sensor or damage wiring harness. this fault codes are related to the failure of ENGINE CONTROL MODULE internal circuit malfunction.

fault cod P2184 (G83) and fault code P0117 (G62)

It can be highly risky to drive with this fault code as it is related to the engine control module faulty circuit. faulty engine control module can cause other engine problems.

causes of  P2184 engine coolant temperature sensor radiator outlet (G83) :

  • faulty engine control module.
  • damage wiring harness.
  • faulty coolant temperature sensor.
  • also low amount of coolant in the coolant tank.

Symptoms :

  • Both engine coolant fan and air condition cooling fan will start automatically without engine heating.
  • it is possible that both of the fan turn on at high speed after ignition turn on.
  • fault code will store in engine control module.
  • heater light will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • also temperature indicator will go up and down continuously

Solution of P2184 engine coolant temperature sensor radiator outlet (G83) :

  • Repair or replace faulty engine control module.
  • repair damage wiring harness.
  • also replace faulty coolant temperature senor.
  • fill the coolant at its require value.

how to trouble shoot fault code P2184 :

  • turn on the ignition inspect the both cooling fan if they are running at high speed.
  • scan the engine control module and check the presence of fault codes ( P0117 and P2184 ).
  • if these two fault code is present in the engine control module. then visually inspect the those two coolant temperature sensor.
  • visually inspect the damage wiring harness of the sensor and engine control module.
  • if wiring harness and sensors are good. then check the internal circuit malfunction of engine control module..
  • in most of the cases in the presence of the fault code P0117 engine coolant temperature sensor (G62) and engine coolant temperature sensor radiator outlet (G83). there is always a faulty engine control module due water damage at ECU.
  • it is very rare that in presence of these two fault code other problems can occurs.
  • also for making sure check the signal of coolant temperature sensor and fluctuation at engine coolant temperature indicator and match their fluctuation.
  • if coolant temperature sensor signal is stable and temperature indicator fluctuate it indicate that the problem with engine control module.

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