P2146 Fuel Injector Supply Voltage Circuit/open

Fault code P2146 Fuel injector supply voltage circuit/open is related to the electrical problem, it could be voltage supply of injector driver 1 or Bank 1. As there are two group of injector driver inside engine control control module called as Bank 1 or Bank 2.When fault code P2146 Fuel injector supply voltage circuit/open is set in engine control module it means that there is a problem with either ECU or with injector or it wiring harness.

injector driver present inside ECU monitor the return signal of injector. Fire the injector according to the return signal or injector. Group of injectors are Bank 1 ( injector 1&4) Bank 2( injector 2&3). If any injector of group 1 or bank 1 is block or fail by internal circuit will create this fault code to store in memory.

Cause of P2145 Fuel injector supply voltage circuit/open :

  • Faulty injector circuit.
  • Block fuel injector.
  • Damage wiring harness.
  • Also Rusty or loose connection with injector socket.
  • Faulty engine control module injector driver.

Symptoms of P2145 :

  • Low fuel mileage due to faulty injector or its driver.
  • Missing of engine because of faulty injector or block injector.
  • Also Long crank to start.
  • Sometime not to start.
  • Check engine light will comes on display.

Solution of P2145 Fuel injector supply voltage circuit/open :

  • Repair of replace faulty injector.
  • Replace Repair faulty engine control module.
  • Repair or replace injector wiring harness.
  • clean socket of injector or make proper connector od injector with ECU.

How risky to drive with P2145 :

  • Driving with fault code P2145 may be risky as it cause in low mileage and loss of power.
  • Faulty injector or its circuit failure can cause the engine to stall at any time.
  • Also continuously driving with it may lead the internal mechanical failure of engine.

Tool require to diagnose P2145 :

  • A scane to scane fault code.
  • Multimeter to check power supply of injector.
  • Test light to check faulty fuse.

How to trouble shoot P2145 :

  • Start the diagnosing from scaning the fault code with scaner, check fault code status for permanent or history.
  • By checking the return line of fuel injector and measure the return of fuel from each fuel injector and matching them with each other will differentiate the faulty injector. As the amount of return fuel from faulty injector will be more the the good one.
  • check the resistance of each injector by using multimeter the faulty injector will have more resistance then good one.
  • using multimeter check voltage of injector from Engine control module. A faulty injector driver will cause no voltage supply to the injector. Also if any on injector driver from ecu will fail, then there will two injector which will not in working position. As one injector driver control two injectors.

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