P16BC Alternator FR terminal crt/igp crt low voltage

Fault code P16BC alternator FR terminal crt/igp crt low voltage is related to alternator problem. Alternator installed in vehicle to generate power which is require to drive the vehicle with all electrical equipment. Alternator produce AC voltage and regulator present on the alternator convert this AC voltage in DC voltage. This Dc voltage is use to store in battery which is used to drive the vehicle.

alternator is connected to the engine control module through a signal wire. which operate on low or high voltage to send signal at ECU. when ECU detect any voltage difference in these low or high voltage signal fault code P16BC will store in engine control module. Damage wiring harness of this signal wire or voltage regulator on the alternator can lead to no voltage production from alternator.

How risky it is to drive with P16BC :

  • in old model vehicle there was too less electrical equipments so the requirement of power was too less. But in new coming vehicle there are too much electrical equipments which require high amount of power to drive the vehicle. Thats why it can be very risky to drive vehicle with fault code P16BC. As this fault code is related to the problem with the alternator which is used to generate power in vehicle. If alternator will fail for any reason it will stop charging which can stop the running car at anywhere.

causes of P16BC alternator FR terminal crt/igp crt low voltage :

  • faulty alternator.
  • faulty voltage regulator on alternator.
  • damage wiring harness of alternator.
  • Also blown fuse of laternator.
  • faulty engine control module.

symptoms of P16BC :

  • Battery warning light will pop on cluster meter.
  • alternator will stop generating power.
  • Also fault code will store in engine control module.

solution of P016BC alternator FR terminal crt/igp crt low voltage :

  • Repair or replace faulty alternator.
  • Replace faulty voltage regulator.
  • Also repair damage wiring harness.
  • Replace blown fuse of alternator.

Tools require to diagnose fault code P16BC :

  • scan tool to diagnose fault code.
  • multimeter to check the voltage of battery.

How to trouble shoot fault code P16BC alternator FR terminal crt/igp crt low voltage :

  • check the battery voltage it should be above 12V.
  • mechanic should start diagnosing this fault code by scaning the fault code. if it is present in history or permanent status.
  • STEP#1 Start the engine and again check the battery voltage at battery it should be between 13.90-14.50 Voltage. if battery voltage is below 13.90 voltage that mean the alternator is not generating battery voltage. check the battery voltage at alternator there should be 13.90-14.50 Voltage if it is present at alternator terminal and not on battery terminal that mean the wire is brake between alternator and battery. Also if it is not preset on the terminal of alternator that mean it is clear that the alternator is faulty.
  • STEP#2 In faulty alternator there may be two reason. 1) faulty voltage regulator. 2) faulty stator of alternator.

Special note :

when found in old honda city TYPE1,TYPE2 or any other old module in honda. this problem can be happen because of faulty cluster meter or damage wiring harness of cluster meter.

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