P1570 Engine Start Blocked By Immobilizer

P1570 engine start blocked by immobilizer is set in the engine control module. when there is some problem in the immobilizer system. If there is any problem in immobilizer system car will not start. if this kind of fault code is present in system than it might be possible that car will start then it will shut down with in 2-3 seconds. sometime it will only crank engine will no start.

P1570 Engine Start Blocked By Immobilizer will always store in the vw group of vehicle. in vw, skoda, audi the immobilizer unit is installed in the cluster meter. in some cases failure of the cluster meter can lead to no power supply at the immobilizer unit. at this situation immobilizer will not response and fault code P1570 Engine Start Blocked By Immobilizer will store in the engine control module.

Immobilizer system is installed in vehicle to identify the owner of vehicle who has its original key. In original key there is transponder located inside the key. When the original key enter in the key slot. Then electronic immobilizer system monitor the signal of original key. If wrong key will place in slot the immobilizer warning light will start blinking, and car will not start.

Failure of key or missing of key transponder can send wrong signal to the immobilizer. When immobilizer unit receive wrong signal from faulty key or no transponder in key it will cause the fault P1570 to store in fault code.

In new coming vehicle like vw, skoda, audi the immobilizer is install in the cluster meter. So in case of cluster meter failure this fault code will also set in the system, and will cause the engine to not start.

Cause of p1570 engine start blocked by immobilizer :

  • Failure of immobilizer system.
  • Also a bad engine control module.
  • faulty cluster meter.
  • failure of gateway control module
  • loose connection in can at the distribution of can connector.
  • damage can wiring harness.

Symptoms of P1570 engine start blocked by immobilizer.

  • Car will start and shut down with in 2-3 second.
  • immobilizer warning light will start blinking.
  • cluster meter all light blinking.
  • Also heater light will not illuminate on cluster on ignition in diesel car.

solution :

  • Repair or replace immobilizer unit.
  • Replace Gateway module.
  • repair can wiring harness.
  • Also make proper connection at the can-connector.
  • repair damage wiring harness.

Special note :

To solve this kind of problem when found in vw, skoda or audi. First of all check the key internal circuit for any water damage in it. A faulty key or missing transponder inside key can cause the fault code P1570 to store. Check the wiring of can system also check the can connector for loose or rusty connection. Can connector are presents at the left or right side of the dashboard. Also in this case the most important things is to “check the heater light is illuminating on the cluster meter or not”. the heater light should illuminate and should be present on cluster for a while after ignition turn on. if not illuminating then check the can connectors that can loose or rusty pin.

If all of the above things are ok than go to check the faulty cluster meter, because it has been seen in most of the cases that it always happen because of the faulty cluster meter. faulty key internal circuit or no transponder in the in the key can also be the reason behind this fault code.

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