P0748 Pressure Control Solenoid Valve Vfs A Elect

P0748 pressure control solenoid valve Vfs A elect fault code is related to automatic transmission control module.Faulty automatic transmission controller can cause This fault code store in engine control module. In some vehicle transmission control module is installed in the transmission gear box. But in some vehicle automatic transmission is controlled by ECU (Engine Control unit). Like hyundai i10, i20, verna in all these types of vehicle transmission is controlled by engine control module.and failure of ECU can cause fault code to store in ECU.

when this P0478 is set in engine control module. There will be some misbehaviour in automatic transmission gear while shifting in gear. Like vehicle will start jerking when Reverse gear is applied. And while driving the gear will start hard shifting of gear. Which can lead the vehicle to not power up.

It is safe to drive with P0748 :

Driving with P0748 fault code may not be safe.As most of the time it creates trouble while applying reverse gear.Some time it does not move in reverse gear and some time it start jerking. When Reverse gear is applied.

Cause of P0748 Pressure Control Solenoid Valve Vfs A Elect :

  • Faulty engine control module.
  • Check the socket of gear box for it its loos connection.
  • Very few chance of Failure of sift solenoid valve.
  • Damage wiring harness inside gear box.
  • Low level of transmission oil.
  • Dirty transmission oil.

Symptoms of P0748 pressure control solenoid :

  • Vehicle will jerking in Reverse gear.
  • check engine will pop up on cluster meter.
  • Fault code will store in engine control module.
  • Loss of power driving.

Solution :

  • Repair or replace faulty engine control module.
  • Replace faulty pressure control solenoid valve.
  • Repair damage wiring harness in gear box.
  • Replace dirty transmission oil.

Tools require to diagnose P0748 :

  • Tool box to remove shift solenoid valve from gear box.
  • Multimeter to check power supply to sift solenoid valve.
  • Test flight to find faulty fuse.
  • Can for oil level measurement.
  • pressure pump to fill transmission oil in gear box.

How to solve P0748 :

before replacing engine control module scane the fault code and delete it. If after a short trial the fault code comes again then start diagnosing from checking the faulty engine control module. Check the wiring harness from control module to transmission gearbox.if found that ecu is faulty then change it.

Check the level of transmission oil in gear box and quality. Some time a dirty transmission oil block the oil line of pressure control solenoid because of which shift solenoid didn’t get pressure of oil which result in hard gearshift or no shift.

Test the shift solenoid present inside the automatic transmission. Failure of shift solenoid or low pressure of oil cause the trouble code to store in engine control module.

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