P0722 Output Speed Sensor Circuit No Signal

Speed sensor is used to measure the speed of vehicle with the help of roation of gear. Fault code P0722 output speed sensor circuit no signal is set in the engine control module. When the engine control module detect irregular signal from speed sensor. Speed sensor are of two types and their location is also different from each other. In manual transmission speed sensor is located at the to rear side of gear. From where it monitor the roation of gear shaft and send this signal to engine control module. Engine control module monitor this signal and send feed voltage to cluster meter from where driver can see the speed of vehicle.

In manual transmission if the vehicle speed sensor fails due to any reason. The speedometer on the cluster meter will not show the speed of the vehicle. If the vehicle is occupied with electric power steering then steering operation will become hard. To get rid of this problem you need to replace or repair that vehicle speed sensor. Vehicle speed sensors have three wires on them, one is 12V positive the other one is ground and the third one is a signal wire.

Sometimes this sensor works on gear teeth and sometimes it can be a magnetic sensor. if it is the type of gear teeth sensor there is very little change of failure. Because the teeth gear does not brake or fail too early, the failure of the magnetic sensor is possible.

In automatic transmission, there is no speed sensor on the gear shaft. The automatic transmission control module is connected to the anti-lock braking control module. The ABS control module monitors the speed of the wheel with the help of a wheel speed sensor installed in the wheel bearing. Send this signal to an automatic transmission control module of about wheel speed. According to which transmission control module shifts the gear.

When any one or more vehicle speed sensors will fail then the ABS control module will not receive any signal from the speed sensor. when the control model will not receive any signal from the wheel speed sensor then it will not send any signal to the automatic transmission control module. As a result, you might feel a jerking and hard gear-shifting problem.

Cause of P0722 output speed sensor circuit no signal :

  • Faulty output vehicle speed sensor .
  • Corroded or Damage gear teeth of speed sensor.
  • Damage wiring harness of sensor .
  • Faculty engine control module.
  • Faulty wheel speed sensor.

Symptoms of P0722 Output Speed Sensor Circuit No Signal :

  • Hard steering operation.
  • Hard shift in gear while driving.
  • Some time gear did not shift and cause the vehicle to not move.
  • Fault code will store in engine control module.
  • Also Check engine light will come on display.

Solution P0722 output speed sensor circuit no signal :

  • Replace faulty output speed sensor.
  • Replace the wheel speed sensor.
  • Repair damage wiring harness.
  • Also replace or repair faulty engine control module.

How risky it is to drive with P0722 :

Driving with fault code P0722 can be risky to drive. Because speed sensors play an important role in driving. As a signal, the speed sensor is responsible for changing gears. The transmission control module monitors the signal of the speed sensor and changes the gear in automatic transmission accordingly. A faulty speed sensor can cause it to not change in gear and sometimes hard shift in gear while driving at high speed.

Tools require to Diagnose P0722 :

  • Multimeter to check power supply at senor.
  • Test light to check faulty fuse.
  • Scanner to monitor the signal of sensor.
  • Also tool box to remove sensor from its place.

How To Solve P0722 fault code :

Start diagnosis of this fault code by scanning with the help of a scan tool to find out the fault code. When found fault code related to a faulty speed sensor stored in the control module. Then first of all go to check visually if there is any damage around the sensor, if found then repair or replace that. To confirm that there is any problem with the vehicle speed sensor. Take a short test drive, if the vehicle has a manual transmission then there will be a problem with hard steering operation. If the vehicle has an automatic transmission then you will feel late gear shifting and jerk while shifting the gear.

Check the fault code stored in the control module, if the fault code is permanent then it can be risky to drive with this fault code. In this situation, you need to replace that vehicle’s speed sensor. Before replacing the output speed sensor check the wiring harness of the sensor and power supply. Then check for the sensor if there is a magnetic sensor then check its head for worn out or damage. If it is a manual or gear tooth sensor then check the gear tooth of the sensor for damage or worn-out. And then according to all these procedures if it is required to change the sensor, which can solve the problem.

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