P062D Fuel Injector Driver circuit (Bank 1)

This fault code is related to the failure of engine control module. When there is any circuit failure occur inside the ECU the fault code P062D fuel injector driver circuit (bank 1) is store in the engine control module. There are two injector driver in ECU, one driver control injector 1&4 which is (bank 1)and the driver control injector 2&3 which is (bank 2). 1&4 injector is the control by ( Bank 1 )driver, and 2&3 injector is control by (Bank 2). when any one injector of group 2 is fail than fault code P062D fuel injector driver circuit (bank 1) is set in the control module.

This fault can be store in engine control module because of failure of a group injector or one injector of a group. Fuel injectors is spray or controlled by engine control module. The quantity of fuel injection is dependent on how much signal is coming from accelerator peddle. Fuel injector have its internal circuit which is present inside the injector. Failure of that circuit can also cause this fault code. Fuel Injector is control by 2 wire one is low voltage wire and the other one is high voltage wire.

Cause of P062D fuel injector driver :

  • Failure of fuel injector.
  • Faulty injector control module.
  • Block fuel injector.
  • Failure of injector circuit.

Symptoms :

  • Most of the time car will start missing.
  • engine will not power up.
  • Check engine light will appear on cluster.
  • fault code will store in engine control module.

Solution P062D fuel injector driver :

  • Repair or replace engine control module.
  • Replace faulty or block fuel injector.
  • Repair damage wiring harness.

How to trouble soot fault code :

  • when fault code P062D found mechanic should start diagnosing this fault code from scanning the car. check the status of fault code if is in active or intermittent status.
  • if fault code remains in same status after deleting it, then it can be serious.
  • mechanic should start diagnosing by visually inspection of damage wiring harness of injectors. leak around injectors, water damage at engine control module (ECU).
  • then check the fuse and power supply of ECU. with the help of multimeter check the injector pulse from ECU in injector socket. if pulse from ECU is not coming to injectors then it means that the ECU is faulty. if the pulse is coming out from ECU that means the ECU is functioning proper. go to check the resistance of injectors with multimeter, resistance all four injectors should be equal. if any injector have low high resistance that should be faulty and the reason behind this fault code.

Special note :

When fault code P062D fuel injector driver circuit (bank 1) is store in engine control module. This is the indication of failure of engine control module. Sometime there is a faulty fuel injector or damage wiring harness can be cause this fault code.

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