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P061B Engine control module internal circuit malfunction

Fault code P061B engine control module internal circuit malfunction store in the engine control module. When there is an internal circuit malfunction inside the engine control module (ECU). A Faulty ECU can create P061B engine control module internal circuit malfunction fault code and illuminate engine light on cluster meter. Other bad controller may also create this fault code.Like ABS, EPS etc.

Engine control module processor is responsible for monitoring the signal coming from all the sensors like Air Mass sensor , Manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP), Engine speed sensor and most important thing that ECU processor communicate with the other control module processor which are use while driving the vehicle like (ABS) Anti lock braking system which make driving safe by applying hard brake, (EPS) Electronic power steering system, which helps the driver turn the steering very easy while driving. These controller also have processor which communicate with each other. Failure of any one controller or its processor can cause this fault code to store.

In case of changing any bad control module always make sure that you are changing the faulty control module. Changing control module can be difficult because in new coming vehicle all the control module have its separate coding and programming. Thats why If your are replacing the control module make sure you are replacing with new one with the same coding and programming and correct part number. it will help you to not get trouble after changing of control module. And if in case new control module does not have coding or programming that it is necessary to code and program the control module according to manufacturer.

This problem can cause when some of the controller goes bad or this can happen when someone try to change some other controller in the engine which have coding in it. When you change any of the controller of car with other controller. Which does not have the same coding, and you try start the car without doing any coding or programming. The control module either get fail or get damage by internal circuit.Becuse the new control module does not have coding it can cause other control module to loose there coding.

Cause of P061B engine control module internal circuit malfunction :

  • an internal circuit malfunction.
  • Damage can wiring harness.
  • Internal circuit malfunction in other controller.
  • message missing from other controller.
  • Blank coding in control module.

Symptoms P061B engine control module internal circuit malfunction :

  • check engine light comes on instrument cluster.
  • other warning light can also come on cluster.
  • power steering system may get so harder.
  • loss of power.
  • Sometime it is hard to start.

Solution of P061B :

  • Repair or replace engine control module.
  • Repair damage wiring harness.
  • check other controller for any internal malfunction.
  • tight the loose connection with all controller.

Internally failed circuit or faulty engine control module

How To Solve P061B :

mechanic should start from scaning the fault code if it is in permanent status of fault code. Then check fault code present in all the control module. Check which control module is trouble shooting this problem and causing other controller for sending or receive false signal. If any one of the controller does not have coding. Then first of all code that controller that can solve the problem.

If after coding it does not solve the problem then check the wiring harness of CAN communication wire which help the control module to communicate with each other. Check for failure of any sensor like Throttle body, MAF sensor, MAP sensor. If any one of the sensor give wrong signal of look like damage then change the sensor.

To avoid this kind of problem make sure that the controller you are going to change have the same coding. And the sensor going to be change have the same part number which does not make any trouble code or any internal malfunction in the controller.

If you have installed different part number control module or any sensor. Remove that controller or sensor which can solve the problem.

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