P0299 Turbocharge Supercharger ‘A’ Under Boost Condition

Fault P0299 Turbocharge Supercharger ‘A’ Under Boost Condition code is store in engine control module (ECU) when actual boost pressure is difference from the observe boost pressure. When this fault code store in ECU it reduce the boost pressure to minimum to limit the possibility of damage cause by excessive boost pressure, because of failsafe function system. when engine is start a depression or vacuum from vacuum motor is applied to the turbocharger. this cause the flap of turbocharger to move at position where maximum boost pressure can be deliver to engine. as the boost pressure increases the vacuum or depression applied on the turbocharger is reduced. this reduces the increase of boost pressure as the engine load increases. an electrical or vacuum system failure can cause of fault code P0299 Turbocharge Supercharger ‘A’ Under Boost Condition to store in engine control module.

An under boost condition can be cause by a faulty turbo boost control solenoid, leaking vacuum pipe or electrical boost pressure control circuit. An over boost condition can cause by a malfunction with the turbocharger. this malfunction cause the flap to not move or stuck in same position which cause the boost pressure to increase. If vacuum pipe operate solenoid is use to control the system block flap can also result in an over boost condition.

Cause P0299 Turbocharge Supercharger ‘A’ Under Boost Condition :

  • A faulty boost pressure sensor.
  • leak vacuum pipe.
  • stuck flap of turbocharger.
  • also mechanical failure in turbocharger.

Symptoms :

  • Loss of power while driving.
  • warning light will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • fault code will store in control module.

Solution :

  • Replace faulty boost pressure sensor.
  • repair leak vacuum pipe.
  • release stuck turbocharger flap.
  • replace faulty turbocharger.

How to trouble soot fault code P0299 Turbocharge Supercharger ‘A’ Under Boost Condition :

  • When this type of fault code store in engine control module and create power loss while driving. mechanic should start diagnosing this trouble code by scanning fault code code with the help of scan tool. check the open and close signal of turbocharger flap and its temperature. if difference is found in signal of opening and closing flap of turbocharger than go to check the turbocharger for its mechanical or electrical failure.
  • Condition 1 Visually check the flap or vane of turbocharger actuator, some time the bond of vane get brake due loose connection. also check for leak at vacuum pipe if the turbocharger is actuate by a vacuum pipe. If it happen then it is easy to solve the problem. By de-attaching the joint of vane of turbocharger actuator. If vane bond is attach and there is no brake in bond then it might be other problem.
  • Condition 2 Remove the socket of turbocharger actuator there will be three wire. PIN 1) 12V positive will present at ignition On positon, PIN 2) ground wire, PIN 3) 5V signal wire, signal wire is use to actuate the turbocharger actuator. it can observe by actuating actuator with scan tool. if all these is present and still the actuator is not moving from it position then it would be a faulty turbocharger actuator. remove the turbocharger actuator and check for it internal malfunction. and if the power supply, ground and signal any one of this is not present then go to check the wire for its damage, blown fuse, faulty controller which fail to provide signal to actuate.

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