P0299 Turbo/Supercharger underboost

Fault code P0299 turbo/supercharger underboost is set in the engine control module when ECU detect low out put from turbocharger supercharger. Engine control module look for a specific boost pressure out put from turbocharger super charger. turbocharger supercharger use in small power engine to make power like power in large engine. it is use to provide more intake pressure in intake manifold. When engine control module detect low boost out put from turbocharger supercharger fault code P0299 turbo/supercharger underboost.

Causes of fault code P0299 Turbo/super charger underboost :

  • Faulty boost pressure sensor.
  • Faulty turbo/supercharger.
  • Leak at intake manifold.
  • Faulty turbocharger actuator.
  • Low oil pressure (blinking oil light on dash).
  • Fault in the EGR system.

Symptoms of fault code P0299 :

  • Lake of power.
  • mechanical noise from turbocharger supercharger.
  • also engine light will illuminate on dash.
  • Loss of power at high speed.

Solution of fault code P0299 Turbo/super charger underboost :

  • Replace faulty turbocharger supercharger.
  • repair damage wiring harness of manifold absolute pressure sensor.
  • replace faulty map sensor.
  • also repair or replace solenoid motor.
  • solve the problem related to the low oil pressure.
turbocharger actuator
turbocharger solenoid motor

How to diagnose fault code P0299 :

  • Mechanic should start diagnosing this fault code from scanning with the help of scan tool. check all the data related to the turbocharger super charger, find the change in data and fix that.
  • Check all the function of EGR system if they are working properly, then go to check all the pipe line of turbocharger supercharger actuator solenoid motor. check for the proper hookup of vacuum pipe’s coming out from solenoid motor connected on intake manifold, turbocharger actuator, EGR and also to the solenoid motor of Exhaust gas recirculation valve.
  • check manifold absolute pressure sensor wiring harness , physical appearance , and failure of manifold sensor. then go to check the solenoid actuator of turbocharger supercharger, then check the core of turbo for it broken fins.
  • also if you see oil light blinking on cluster meter and facing the problem of powering up in the engine then first of all go to solve the problem of oil light blinking. this can be due to multiple reason’s like low oil level in engine, low oil pressure in engine, weak oil pump inside engine, faulty engine oil pressure sensor and also due the damage wiring harness of sensor.

How serious is fault code P0299 :

Fault code P0299 can be so serious because it can be related to mechanical problem. which can lead many problem if it is not solve as soon as possible. because it can lead to measure problem and high cost to repair in engine if it is related to mechanical failure. but if the problem is related to electrical then it can be very difficult for mechanic to solve. As this type of fault code store in engine control module because of several problem.

Special note :

Most of the time this type of fault code store in engine control module due to the failure of turbocharger actuator. in most of the cases in VW vehicle this fault code can be store due to different reasons. like faulty solenoid actuator motor, faulty MAP sensor, faulty oil pressure switch, wrong connection of vacuum pipe from solenoid motor to actuator and intake manifold.

In some case if you found oil light blinking and also fault code P0299 then go to solve the problem of low oil pressure. by solving problem of low pressure in engine, problem of fault code P0299 can be solve.

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