P025C Fuel Pump Control Module Circuit Low

Fault code P025C fuel pump control module circuit low is most likely a electrical fault and set in the engine control module . When engine control module get low signal from fuel pump controle relay. In old model vehicle require pressure of fuel was not very high.In new coming updated vehicle Fuel pump control module is located at the near of fuel pump. Fuel pump relay control the fuel pump to deliver the high pressure of fuel to engine. When Engine crank the ecu send the signal to the relay to turn on the fuel pump.

Fuel pump relay control the electric fuel pump and send the fuel to engine at its Requirement. while boosting the engine there is more fuel require. While slow down the car low amount of fuel require. These high pressure and low pressure is controled by the fuel pump relay.

If there is any malfunction in the electric fuel pump or fuel pump relay this fault code will store in controller. To confirm that why this fault code is appear either because of faulty fuel pump or faulty fuel pump relay. Check both of them one by one if fuel pump has only two pin. Then give the fuel pump direct power supply and check if it is working properly then it is that the problem is with fuel pump relay.

Cause p025C fuel pump control module circuit low :

  • Faulty electric fuel pump.
  • Failure of fuel pump relay.
  • Damage wiring harness of fuel pump or fuel pump relay.
  • Blow fuse of fuel pump relay.
  • Low level of fuel in fuel tank.

Symptoms :

  • Engine will not start.
  • Low fuel mileage.
  • smell of fuel in side car.
  • hard starting issue.
  • Fault code will store in controller.

Solution p025C fuel pump control module circuit low :

  • Replace faulty fuel pump relay.
  • Change electric fuel pump
  • Repair damage wiring harness.
  • Replace blown fuse.
  • Fill the fuel in fuel tank to require level.

Special note :

When found in audi A4, Audi A6, Audi A8 do not give power supply to the fuel pump. As there is three pin to control the electric fuel pump. If you give direct power supply so it can short the good fuel pump.

As three pin fuel pump moter is controlled by low or high power supply. It it not possible to know which is low power supply pin and which is high power supply pin.

Tools require to trouble soot P025C:

  • Multimeter.
  • Tool box.
  • Scan tool.

How to trouble soot fault code P025C :

  • Turn on the ignition and check the fuel pump weather it is working or not. To check fuel pump for turning on remove rear seat put hands on the fuel pump it should slightly vibrate.if it does not then crank the engine .After cracking engine it should vibrate that will be the indication of fuel pump turning on.
  • check the power supply to the fuel pump there should be 12V+ voltage and ground present on ignition or on cranking.
  • the power supply of fuel pump come from fuel pump control module so if the power supply is not reaching to the fuel pump then check the fuel pump control module.
  • check power supply at fuel pump control Module when ignition is turned on or crank there should be 12v voltage. If does not then check the full pump control module fuse.
  • power supply is present at fuel pump control module and after ignition or cranking the engine power supply does not go out to fuel pump the fuel pump control module is faulty.
  • If power is reaching to the fuel pump and it is not turning on then fuel pump is faulty.

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