P0193 Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor A Circuit High Input

fault code P0193 fuel rail pressure sensor A circuit high input is set in engine control module.fault code is related to the fuel supply system. Fuel rail pressure sensor is use in fuel supply system to monitor the pressure of fuel in fuel rail. Fuel rail pressure sensor is work on the basis of resistance. Resistance of the sensor increase as fuel pressure increase. And resistance decrease as pressure decrease.

Changes in the resistance of the sensor make voltage drop across the sensor terminal and send signal to the engine control module. And Engine control module is use this signal to build up more pressure in fuel rail system.and also these signal is use by engine control module to adjust the fuel injector pulse and a proper portion of fuel to each combustion cylinder.

Failure of fuel rail sensor can cuse this fault code to store. Also low pressure of fuel inside the fuel rail can set this fault code in engine contol module. When fault code P0193 is store in engine control module it is quit possible that engine take loglng crank to start.

Cause of P0193 fuel rail pressure sensor A circuit high input :

  • Faulty fuel rail pressure sensor.
  • Low pressure fuel in fuel rail.
  • Damage wiring harness.
  • Faulty engine control module.

Symptoms of P0193 :

  • Engine can take long crank to start.
  • It is possible that engine does not start at long crank also.
  • Check engine light will be on cluster meter.
  • Engine loss power while driving.
  • High consumption of fuel.

Solution of P0193 fuel rail pressure sensor A circuit high input :

  • Replace faulty fuel rail pressure sensor.
  • Replace high or low pressure fuel pump.
  • Repair damage wiring harness of sensor.
  • Replace faulty engine control module.

It is safe to drive with P0193 :

Fuel rail pressure sensor is responsible to make power or loss power in engine. Faculty fuel pressure sensor can create trouble while driving .It is not more safe to drive with faulty fuel pressure sensor.

Tools require to diagnose P0193 :

  • Multimeter to check power supply to sensor.
  • Scanner to monitor fuel pressure.
  • Manual gauge to measure fuel.
  • tool box.

How to trouble shoot P0193 :

  • Level of fuel in fuel tank.
  • Check fuel pressure at low pressure fuel pump.
  • Then check fuel pressure after pressure pump.
  • Pressure of fuel should at equal at actual pressure.

Before changing fuel rail sensor check the fuel pressure with gauge. If the pressure inside the fuel rail is ok. Then check the wiring harness of fuel rail pressure sensor. And voltage supply to the fuel rail sensor. There will be 3 wires on fule rail.


2) ground

3) signal

power aupply of sensor should be present,if not then check engine control module for any failure occurs at ECU.

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