P0016 Bank 1:CMP Sensor (G40)/ Engine Speed Sensor (G28):Incorrect Correlation

Fault code Bank 1:CMP Sensor (G40)/ Engine Speed Sensor (G28):Incorrect Correlation is store in the engine control module. when engine control module detect wrong signal from the camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor. ECU monitor the signal of both camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor and compare it with the specified value. If signals are out of specified value the fault of correlation will occurs. If fault code P0016 bank 1CMP sensor (G40)/engine speed sensor (G28):incorrect correlation is store in the control module engine will not start. Fault code P0016 is set due to failure of camshaft sensor or crankshaft sensor. Most probably this fault code set when engine timing in wrong.

Similarly broken engine timing chain or teath of camshaft or crankshaft can also cause the sensors to send wrong signal to engine control module. A failure of faulty ecu internal circuit could also be the reason that this fault code appears.

How to trouble shoot fault code P0016 :

  • Mechanic need to scan the system to find fault code and confirm the problem of customer. if the vehicle is cranking and not starting or there is no crank no start. in case of crank and but no start check fault code present in the control module.
  • if fault code Bank 1:CMP Sensor (G40)/ Engine Speed Sensor (G28):Incorrect Correlation is present in the engine control mdoule. then it is indicating toward the problem of wrong engine timing. whenever find this fault code in vehicle it is clear that the timing of engine crankshaft and camshaft is not as per the manufacturer.
  • to sove this problem mechanic need to check the timing of engine. condition of crankshaft and camshaft for any broken teeth, if find any broken teeth than you need to change that part. if it is good, than match the marking of cam shaft and crankshaft accordingly.
  • matching the timing of crankshaft and camshaft will solve the problem of no start. the fault code need to be earase after matching engine timing.
  • if in any case timing is missmatching again and again it might be possible that the timing belt is loose. in this case the whole timing kit need to be change to solve the problem.

Cause of P0016 Bank 1:CMP Sensor (G40)/ Engine Speed Sensor (G28):Incorrect Correlation :

  • faulty camshaft sensor .
  • faulty crankshaft sensor.
  • broken engine timing belt.
  • damage wiring harness of camshaft and crankshaft sensor.
  • faulty engine control module.
  • broken teath of crankshaft and camshaft.

Symptoms of P0016 :

  • engine will not start even after several time of cranking.
  • engine will make different noise while cranking the engine.
  • in some vehicel there will be no crank no start.
  • engine warning light will illuminate on cluster meter.

Solution of P0016 Bank 1:CMP Sensor (G40)/ Engine Speed Sensor (G28):Incorrect Correlation :

  • Set the engine timing accurately.
  • Replace bad crank or camshaft sensor.
  • Repair damage wiring harness.
  • Check the signal coming out from sensors through scope.

solution of P0016 incorrect Correlation :

Most of the time this fault code is store in the engine control module system when engine timing is not correct. To get out of this fault code first of all set the engine timing accurately. If even setting the engine timing accurately engine is not starting.

Then check the camshaft or crankshaft sensor wiring for corrosion or damage. if all the wiring harness and sensor looking good then check the signal coming from crankshaft or camshaft through sope. check for bad signal coming out from bad sensor and replace it. In this fault code there is alway the problem is with engine timing, set it accurately you will out of this problem.

In VW Vento there is a timing mark behind the engine that should be also match to solve the problem.

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