Mercedes No Crank No Start

Mercedes no crank no start could be due to many reasons like low battery, blown ignition fuse, faulty ESL actuator motor, faulty EZS(Electronic ignition lock), ESL (Electronic Steering Lock) or failure of any other control module. when battery and all the other things like fuse and relay are good and in working condition. then it might be possible that this problem can be happen due faulty ESL (Electronic Steering Lock) control module.

EZS(Electronic ignition lock motor) is fitted inside the steering column. it is use to lock the steering column after ignition off. when ignition is turn on or off this actuator is also lock and unlock the steering column. when ESL (Electronic Steering Lock) does not unlock after ignition is turn on. there will be light no cluster meter or no crank in vehicle. this is indicating problem inside the ESL (Electronic Steering Lock).

Causes of Mercedes No Crank No Start :

  • Low battery power.
  • Blown fuse.
  • Damage wiring harness.
  • Also check 87 relay.
  • Faulty ESL actuator motor.
  • Faulty EZS (Electronic ignition lock).

Symptoms :

  • No light on cluster meter.
  • There will be no ignition power.
  • Also no crank no start.
  • No clicking noise from steering column.

How to trouble shoot :

  • Mechanic need to scan vehicle with the help of scan tool. find out the fault code if present any and rectify that.
  • Fault code indicating problem toward the faulty ESL( electronic steering lock) fitten in the steering column. ESL work as a lock and unlock actuataor in steering column. when key is insert in the EZS(Electronic ignition lock) you will here a click noise from the steering column that means actuator is working fine. But if in any case it does not unlock the steering column then there will be no any further procedure like crank or start.
  • Check fuse and relay of present at engine compartment ESL (Electronic Steering Lock). check 87 relay which is ignition relay for its failure.
  • If all the fuse and relay of ESL (Electronic Steering Lock) are working fine then in might be possible that ESL is not working.Untill ESL is not working or not unlocking the steering column there will be no crank no start.
  • To start the vehicle mechanic need to solve this problem by replacing ESL( electronic steering lock) with new. After replacing it perform coding and progrming with OEM scan tool.
  • Replacing ESL( electronic steering lock) with new one is very costly. You can change ESL( electronic steering lock) with an immulator. Which is avalabe at cheap price and better to use as a ESL.

Solution of Mercedes No Crank No Start:

  • Replace faulty ESL( electronic steering lock).
  • Repair or replace damage wiring harness.
  • Also replace faulty blown fuse.
  • Repair or replace EZS(Electronic ignition lock).

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