Mercedes benz height failure

In Mercedes Benz there is a self-leveling system installed in vehicle known as aromatic system. This system is use in vehicle to make a comfortable drive, by reducing more jerk in vehicle from potholes on road. Airmatic system in vehicle make comfortable ride by adjusting the automatic self-leveling system of height. Like when vehicle run on poor road where there are many potholes or up down type road . In this situation vehicle self-leveling control system will manage the comfort from these obstacle on road by absorbing jerk from them with the help of airmatic suspension. There might be many reasone behind mercedes benz height failure.

There are six main parts which is use to maintain airmatic system in vehicle.

Control module: control module is use to control entire system of self leveling in vehicle by monitor height of vehicle through ride height sensor in the form of voltage. By using this signal from height sensor, control module maintain height of vehicle by removing and filling air into airmatic suspension accordingly with the help of valve block, and air from air compressor.

Air compressor: Function of air compressor is to build air which is use to fill airmatic suspension according to the signal from height control module. Turn ON and OFF according to signal from height control module.

Valve block: Valve block is use to control air flow from air compressor to air matic suspension. Its function is to calculate how much air to be filled or release from airmatic suspension. It has in build valve inside it,which open or close according to the signal from height control module.

Height sensors: height sensors are installed near the airmatic suspension. There is two legs of height sensor, one is located at the lower arm and the other one is connected with chassis of vehicle. When vehicle move from one place to other place, height of vehicle does change as per the condition of road. Height sensor monitor these changes of height and send this information to height control module in the form of voltage.

Air pipe line: Air pipe line connected with airmatic suspension and valve block to supply air from valve block and airmatic suspension (to fill air in airmatic suspension), or from airmatic suspension to valve block (while releasing air from airmatic suspension).

Airmatic suspension: Airmatic suspension is use to maintain height of vehicle and to make a comfortable ride by reducing jerk or potholes from road. Airmatic suspension release air from it when tyre go into potholes or somewhere and then to sustain height of vehicle it get air from valve block.

Causes of Mercedes benz height failure:

Faulty height control module.

Damage wiring harness.

Blown fuse.

Week air compressor which is not able to build air pressure.

Failure of valve inside valve block.

Disconnected arms of height sensor.

Leak airmatic pipe lines.

Week or leak airmatic suspension.

Symptoms of Mercedes benz height failure :

Height of vehicle will not be stable.

One side of vehicle height may be raise or lower.

Warning light on cluster meter will illuminate.

Height control button light will start blinking.

Fault code will store in control module.

How to trouble shoot:

If vehicle height is not stable and there is any warning light is illuminating on cluster meter. Than it means that there is some problem happen in height control module. Hook up the scan tool to find out fault code or the reason behind this misbehavior of vehicle.

There would be any kind of fault code which can indicate problem towards any one of those six parts of airmatic system. Read the fault code carefully and rectify it that to which part this fault code is indicating problem. Because the main thing in this problem is identifying fault code direction.

Like if fault code is showing problem at ride height control module, failure of valve block, leak in the system, or at height sensor.

Go to check problem according to the fault code that may become easy to solve this problem.


If fault code is showing problem of leak in the system. Than you need to check in the system at airmatic suspension if it is leak or not and pipe line of air which is connected with airmatic suspension and valve block. Also check leak at valve block if find any leak than repair or replace that leak parts. In this case most of the time leak can be find that joint of valve block or at the joint of airmatic suspension where pipe line get joint if found any leak there than remove that joint from there and replace that joint nut with new one so that there could be no leak after replacing joint nut.


When fault code show problem of about failure of valve block. Sometime valve does not supply proper amount of air into airmatic suspension due to which height of vehicle become unstable. In this situation replacing faulty valve block is a good thing to do. As if you keep trying to solve your problem without replacing faulty valve block. Than it might be possible that you could not be able to solve your problem.


If fault code indicate problem towards wrong signal from height sensor or no signal from height sensor. In this case you need to check that particular height sensor both the arms location. If arms of height sensor get disconnected from its place than reinstall the sensor proper. Check wiring harness of the sensor if wiring is damage than repair that damage wiring harness. Also check angle of height sensor installation because sometime mechanic install height sensor in wrong position. In very rare case height sensor need to replace due to failure of it.


 If fault code showing problem at control module or at button controller which is located at the center console. Than go to check blown fuse, relay and wiring harness of the controller. Without rectifying fault code do not go to replace controller as it is not the part which get fail easily. There might be some other faulty control module due to which this fault code is store in control module. Like if there is any problem occur in vehicle ABS (antilock braking control module). Then also height control module will not be able to work properly. In this situation first you need to solve the other problem in vehicle like faulty ABS (antilock braking control module) control module or else. So that height control module would be able to manage or sustain height control module.

Common mistake while diagnosing:

While diagnosing this problem diagnoster can make many mistake like without confirming faulty part replace them. In most of the cases when diagnoster get fault about mechanical failure in valve block. They directly replace valve block whithout knowing or finding fault behind this fault code. Because in most of the cases when mechanical failure problem information fault code store in control module. This is because of leak in the system due to which mechanical failure fault code store in control module.

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