Hyundai Remote Matching

Remote matching process is used to perform when customer want to change the car old key fob with new key fob due to some reasons. At this time when old key is replace by the new key fob remote matching process is require to match the signal of new key to car key less entry control module. Also when there is a problem found in car with keyless entry control module, control module need to be replace at this situation Remote matching process is require to perform to match the key signal with the new key less entry control module.

Method To Perform Hyundai Remote Matching :

  • Press lock or unlock button on the remote, see small yellow light at the top of remote whether it is glowing or not. if small yellow light glowing then there is a problem inside the key. that should be repair before performing remote matching process. if small yellow light is glowing when lock or unlock button is pressed then it is ready to perform remote matching.
  • turn the ignition on, connect the scan tool with the car OBD port. SELECT “HYUNDAI”
  • Then Select “System selection”
  • select ” CODE (Transmitter Code Saving)
  • click on “SPECIAL FUNCTION”
  • Select “CODE SAVING”
  • AFTER PRESSING “OK” {Follow the instruction ( (1). Remove the ignition key from the key cylinder. (2) Press [OK]. wait 2 second, then press the [lock] button on the transmitter for more than 1 second (3). Press [OK] button when you are ready.}
  • Follow the instruction as given above.
  • After this first key code is save if want to save second key then press OK.
  • Follow the same instruction as follow at the first key, second key code will also save. If want to add more key then press OK and go to save another key, if not then press CANCEL. Check both the key for it proper function

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