D204 CVM:K-CAN Line Fault

Fault code D204 CVM:K-CAN Line Fault in Mini Cooper is related to problem with K-CAN line fault. K-CAN line system use in vehicle to make communication with each control module present in the vehicle. Like power window control module or button is connected to the footwell control module (FRM) through K-CAN line to operate power window’s. Antilock braking system (ABS), Electronic power steering control module (EPS) are also connected to each other through K-CAN line. when any one or more than one control module did not do communicate with each other due to missing CAN Line, at this time fault code D204 CVM:K-CAN Line Fault store in control module. when this fault code store in the control module it is either open or short K-CAN line or internal control module failure.

How to trouble shoot fault code D204 CVM:K-CAN Line Fault :

  • Mechanic need to take the scan report with the help of scan tool to find out in which control module fault code D204 CVM:K-CAN Line Fault is store. take a complete health report report to find in which control module the fault code is store. Also mechanic need to note down the problem that what is customer complain due to this fault code. if the fault code is store in the antilock braking system (ABS), electronic power steering (EPS), tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) or Transmission control module (TCM) then mechanic need to check the K-CAN line that is connecting these control module or control module itself.
  • If fault code D204 CVM:K-CAN Line Fault is store in the footwell control module (FRM), Junction box electronic(JBE). customer complain is related to problem with power window,convertible top or dashboard display is not working. then mechanic need to check the K-CAN line junction which is connecting these control modules. if any one or all the power windows not working then check the footwell module or the CAN line which is connected to control module. check for the broken CAN line or identify the control module internal failure.
  • also in case fault code is store in Footwell module (FRM) and all the fucntion which is control by it is working fine. only convertible top is not working properly than go to check the Footwell module (FRM) or its K-CAN line for it short or damage. In this case if K-CAN line of footwell module is short then all the function which are control by FRM will stop working. this means that either footwell module has its internal failure. the convertible top wiring harness is open or shorted. check the footwell control module for its internal failure repair or replace it with new one. New footwell control module need to be coding and programming.

Causes of D204 CVM:K-CAN Line Fault :

  • Open or short K- CAN line wiring harness.
  • faulty Footwell control module.
  • Junction box failure.
  • blown fuse in Junction box.

Symptoms of D204 CVM:K-CAN Line Fault :

  • Power window will stop working,
  • Convertible top not opening.
  • Centre lock unlock not working.
  • Also centre display not working.

Solution :

  • Repaire damage wiring harness.
  • Replace or repair faulty footwell control module.
  • Also repair K-CAN line.
  • Replace blown fuse from junction box.

Special note :

If fault code is store in only in footwell control module (FRM). check which function is not working which is control by footwell module. if any one power window not working then you need to check that door power window control module. also check the power K-CAN line which is connecting power window control module to footwell control module. if all power windows are not working then it might be possible that footwell control module is faulty if K-CAN line is good. in case if convertible top roof is opening or closing and fault code is store in footwell control module. check K-CAN line for open or short, if can line is ok then it is quite possible that footwell module is faulty.

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