CF2E01 DSC interface signal invalid

Fault code is related to the problem with DSC (Dynamic stability control) module. When there is some problem occurred in dynamic stability control module. DSC control module send signal to other control module that there is some problem in dynamic stability control module. DSC control module control braking system of vehicle. There are four wheel speed sensor in on each wheel. Who send signal to dynamic stability control module about wheel speed or vehicle speed. When there is any problem occurs at any one of those four wheel speed sensor. Like if any one wheel speed sensor stop sending signal to the DSC control module due any reason. Than DSC control module store this fault code CODE in memory.

Transmission control module get signal from DSC control module of about all four wheel speed. According to wheel speed sensor signal transmission control module shift gears. When transmission control module recive irregular signal from DSC control module. Than automatic transmission control module feel trouble to shift gear. Due to which vehicle will start jerking while driving because of late gear shifting.

Causes :

  • Faulty any wheel speed sensor.
  • Faulty wheel bearing.
  • Damage wiring harness of wheel speed sensor.
  • Damage wiring harness of DSC control module.
  • Faulty DSC control module.

Symptoms :

  • DSC warning light will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • Vehicle will start jerking while driving due to late gear shifting.
  • Fault code wil store in control module.

How to trouble shoot :

  • When you see warning light on cluster meter related to the problem of DSC failure. Stop vehicle as this warning light is indicating problem towards DSC control module which is a braking control module. To solve this kind of problem you need to scan vehicle with the help of scan tool and also it require expert technician to solve problem.
  • Scan vehicle with the help of scan too and when found fault code CF2E01 DSC interface signal invalid. Than with the help fo scan tool check all four wheel speed sensor reading. Take a test driving with hooking scan tool in vehicle and check all four wheel speed.
  • All four wheel reading should be same while driving vehicle. If found any one or more sensor reading signal is fluctuating than check that sensor. For example if fluctuating reading is from rear right side. Than you have to work on rear right side, first check voltage at the sensor socket when ignition is turned ON. There should be voltage at sensor socket because there is no any current fault in system thats why there should be voltage at sensor.
  • To confirm that if sensor is faulty or not swap left rear sensor the right rear sensor and than take a test drive and check reading of sensor. If the fluctuation shift to left from right than it means that there is problem of sensor. Replace faulty wheel speed sensor and again check reading of sensor there should be no fluctuation at reading right now.
  • If still fluctuation of sensor reading is coming from right side than it means that there is a problem of ABS reluctance. There is a reluctance installed in wheel also called as wheel bearing. Check that reluctance on which wheel speed sensor run, to check reluctance take vehicle on jack and remove tyre than remove wheel speed sensor. Now if vehicle is rear wheel drive than start vehicle and put it in Drive mode, than take a rust cleaner and start spraying at wheel reluctance which is rotating that will clean that reluctance if there will be any dust or any thing else which is creating problem.
  • If it does not work than it is possible that there might be the problem of that reluctance. There could be the problem of broken reluctance which is creating this problem. In this situation you need to change whole wheel bearing to clear out the problem.
  • But if still there is some fluctuation at sensor reading and the fault code is still present in control module. Than it means that there is some problem at DSC control unit. Check DSC control unit for water damage or any other issue with control module.

Solution :

  • Replace faulty wheel speed sensor.
  • Repair damage wiring harness of wheel speed sensor.
  • Replace faulty wheel bearing.
  • Replace faulty DSC control module.
  • Repair damage wiring harness of DSC sensor.

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