CF2101 Operation of shift paddle receiver EGS transmitter SZL

Fault code CF2101 Operation of shift paddle receiver EGS transmitter SZL is related to the problem with electronic gear shifter paddle. Shift paddle is connected with automatic transmission gear box which is also known as electronic gear shift. When shift paddle move to D (drive) it generate a signal and this signal to electronic gear shifter. Electronic gear shifter use this signal to shift gears according to the vehicle speed or requirement. Between gearbox and gear shifter there is no any cable to shift gear, this operation is done by pass signal with the help of CAN line wire. When there is any interruption happen with this signal between gear shifter and gear box. Gear control module sense this interruption of signal than store this fault code control module.


This kind of fault code could be store in control module due to some other reasons also. Like when any other control module is replace due to any reason without disconnecting battery terminal. Sometime this could be happed due to programming error. Because while programming any other control module like ICM (integrated chassis control module), ZGM (central getway) etc. Technician did something wrong this due to which this fault code can be store in control module.

Causes of CF2101 Operation of shift paddle receiver EGS transmitter SZL:

  • Faulty electronic gear shifter switch.
  • Failure of electronic gear box.
  • Damage wiring harness.
  • Blown fuse, damage ground wire.
  • Failure of CAN line between EGS and GWS.

Symptomsof CF2101 Operation of shift paddle receiver EGS transmitter SZL:

  • Electronic gear shifter will stop working.
  • There is no changes in gear position.
  • Indicator light on gear shifter switch will start blinking.
  • Fault code will store in control module

How to trouble shoot:

  • When this kind of fault code store in control module. First of all confirm this fault code if there is any problem happening due to this fault code. Like if gear is not shifting, gear selector switch indicator light start blinking than this fault code is confirmed that there is some problem with electronic gear selector switch.
  • After confirming this fault code first thing you need to do is to check the working condition of the electronic gear selector switch with the help of scan tool. Hook up the scan tool to vehicle go to read data stream check if selector switch is changing gear position when it moves forward to reverse. If scan tool is showing that when gear selector switch is move in forward direction than it is generating signal to change the gear in R position. When selector switch is moving in reverse position than it is generating signal to change gear in D position. In this situation gear selector switch is working fine there some other problem due to which this fault code is store in control module. But if does not generate signal to change gear when gear selector switch is move forward or revers. Than it means that gear selector switch has some internal fault.
  • When gear selector switch does not generate signal for changing gear when it moves forward or reverse. Than you need to check gear selector switch as well as wiring harness. First check power supply, ground and CAN line wire of gear selector switch if there is something missing or found any damage wiring harness than repair that. Most of the time in this case damage wiring harness are the main reason behind this fault code. Due to opening and fitting of central console for AC or any other work technician does this mistake at that time.
  • If wiring harness of not damage and there is no any other problem than check gear selector switch. If there is any doubt on gear selector switch than replace so that it can  be confirm that there is no problem at gear selector switch. After replacing gear selector switch if this fault code is still present than this indicate that problem is not at the gear selector switch.
  • Now you need to check fault at automatic transmission gear box. To check this you need to go to read data stream. From there you can see if gear selector switch is sending signal to gear box or not by moving gear selector switch forward or reverse. If gear selector switch sending signal toward automatic gear box than it means that there is no problem gear selector switch. Now there is some problem inside automatic gear box or outside automatic gear box.
  • In this situation you need to check wiring harness of automatic gear box. If found any damage wiring harness of gear box than repair that. When there is no any damage wiring harness of gear box than it is possible that there some problem inside gear box. You need to check problem inside gear box, if, mechatronic is fail or there is some other fault. Find problem inside gear box, if require than replace the faulty parts inside in gear box. After replacing faulty part if require do coding or programming to so that automatic gear box can work properly.

Solution CF2101 Operation of shift paddle receiver EGS transmitter SZL:

  • In this kind of problem most of the time this fault code store in control module due to programming issue after replacing any other control module. Like when any other control module need to replace you need to do coding and programming of that control module. Do proper coding and programming so that this kind of problem can’t be seen store in control module.
  • Repair damage wiring harness of gear selector switch.
  • Perform proper coding and programming of control module.
  • Replace faulty gear selector switch.
  • Repair damage wiring CAN line wiring harness.
  • Replace faulty automatic transmission faulty parts.

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