CD94F1 message signal invalid

Fault code CD94F1 message (speed sensor,46.1.2) signal invalid is related to the problem with DSC (dynamic stability control) control module. This fault code indicate problem with wheel speed sensor in vehicle which are control by DSC control module. There are four wheel speed sensor on each four wheel to monitor speed of wheel. DSC control module recieve wheel speed signal from all these wheel speed signal and send these signal to other different control modules like automatic Transmission control module and others. Transmission control module use these signal from DSC control module to shift gear according to wheel speed. When there is any one or two Abs sensor is not working or giving wrong signal to DSC control module. Than DSC control module store fault code CD94F1 message (speed sensor,46.1.2) signal invalid. Also in this situation there might the possibility of faulty DSC control module.

Causes of CD94F1 message signal invalid :

  • Faulty wheel speed sensor.
  • Damage wiring harness of sensor.
  • Damage wiring harness of DSC control module.
  • Faulty DSC control module.

Symptoms :

There will be alot of warning lights on cluster meter like abs, traction, steering, airbag, steering, etc.

  • Fault code will store in control module.
  • There will no power while driving.
  • Hard power steering.
  • high acceleration at low speed.

How to trouble shoot :

  • When found fault code CD94F1 message (speed sensor,46.1.2) signal invalid store in DSC control module, transmission control module or ICM control module. Hook scan tool to vehicle to find out the faulty sensor or damage wiring harness.
  • Probably this fault code indicating problem towards wheel speed sensor. But did not specifying which wheel speed sensor is faulty. So in this situation you need to check all the four wheel speed sensor signal with help of scan tool.
  • Take a test drive to check wheel speed , if any one or more wheel speed sensor signal fluctuating. Than go to check that wheel speed sensor wiring harnes. If wiring harness is damage than repair that wiring harness that wil solve problem. If wiring harness is not damage than check sensor if sensor is faulty than replace that sensor.
  • If still fault remain same than it might the problem of wheel bearing which is causing this problem with vehicle. Replace faulty wheel bearing , and than take a test drive now the problem should gone. There should be no fault code store in control module.
  • But in case if after replacing wheel speed sensor and wheel bearing the problem is same than it might be possible that the DSC control module is faulty.
  • Check connector of DSC control module for water store at connector of DSC control module. DSC control module located at behind front left tyre.
  • Remove front left fender liner and ground shield DSC control module is located there. Check water on DSC control module if found water store DSC control module than with the help of rust cleaner clean water, clean all the rust which is store at connector of control module.
  • After cleaning connector of control module take a test drive check if fault code gone or not. If faut code is not store in control module than it means that problem is solve now.
  • But if still fault code is store in control module than replace control module with new control module. Do coding and programming of control module and perform brake bleeding process. Than again take a test drive now fault code must be gone. There should be no fault code or warning light on cluster meter now.
  • But if in case fault code is still store in control module and all the warning light still illuminating on cluster meter. Than there might be some other problem like damage or short wiring harness of sensor.
  • Check CAN line wiring harness of DSC control module. With the help of multimeter. In CAN line there should be sum of that two wire’s 5Volt. In low CAN line voltage would be below 2.5 volts, and in CAN high line there should be above 2.5 volts.

Solution of CD94F1 message signal invalid :

  • Faulty wheel speed sensor.
  • Damage wiring harness.
  • Faulty wheel bearing.
  • Faulty DSC control module.
  • Any other control module faulty.