C11AF pressure accumulator for level control

Fault code C11AF pressure accumulator for level control is set in the control module. When the control module of the level control or height control detect leak in the system. the automatic height level control system can be leak from anywhere like at the pressure accumulator, from shocks up pipe, damage air pipe, leak from air pressure container or at the airmatic compressor.

The automatic height level control system get down when the system is leak at somewhere. this can be solve by detecting the leak at place of damage pipe , loose tightening at the shocks up or accumulator, and also at the airmatic compressor.

How risky it is to drive with C11AF :

Driving with this fault code can be very risky as in this condition vehicle height me be lower from one side and up from the other side. in this condition driver can get distract while driving due to the up and down height of the vehicle. sometime the vehicle get to lower that if driver will try to cross the breaker’s of road the vehicle can get stuck there.

Cause of C11AF :

  • leak detect in the system.
  • low pressure at airmatic compressor.
  • leak at the air pressure container.
  • Also a faulty pressure accumulator.

Symptoms :

  • automatic height level control system will go down automatically.
  • vehicle height will not rise if leak is detected.
  • air suspension light will start blinking on the cluster meter.
  • fault code will store in the control module.
  • vehicle height can be go down at one side also if the leak is at only on side.

Solution of C11AF :

  • Detect the leak in level control system.
  • repair damage wiring harness of pressure accumulator.
  • replace faulty pressure accumulator.
  • Also repair the leak pipe or replace it.

How to trouble shoot :

C11AF pressure accumulator for level control fault code when found in audi Q7 try to find out the leak the airmatic balloon (suspension). in most of the cases leak found at the place where the airmatic pipe is attached with air matic balloon, due to the corroded thread at attachment between airmatic pipe and airmatic balloon. If leak does not found after checking all the place from where leak can be found.

Than it is quit possibility that airmatic valve body is not working properly or not getting proper signal from height sensor or height control module. then go to chekc all the height sensor of all four wheel and height control module for any damage or short. sometime due water or mud the height level sensor get stuck at one place and do not move, due to which height control module do not receive any signal from height level sensor. when height control module do not receive any signal from height level sensor for any movement then it will not going to send any signal to the valve body. because of this the height of that side where the sensor is not working will remain same may be too low or too high.

Failure of the height control module can also create this kind of problem as control module control the whole system. As any changes in height of vehicle is taken by the control module. to check the height control module failure install another height control module and check there in no need for coding and programming in height control module in (audi Q7). in audi a6 coding is require after changing height control module. perform basic setting and calibration after changing the height control module.

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