C10AD07 Audi

Fault code C10AD07 Audi Sensor For Motor Position-Mechanical malfuction is related to the problem with electronic steering motor. Motor located inside the electric steering helps in turning steering smoothly. fault code C10AD07 Audi Sensor For Motor Position-Mechanical malfuction generate or store when steering motor did not get proper amount of power supply. It can be happen due to a bad steering control module, or no power supply to the steering control module. Also a faulty steering motor can be reason behind this fault code.

Wherever this fault code store in control module, power steering warning light start flashing on cluster meter. If warning light is in yellow colour then it might be possible that the steering motor is good, there might be some other problem. But if warning light is in red colour then it indicate the clear direction that steering control module is faulty.

In audi there are two type of steering one is hydraulic power steering, in which there are three components.1) hydraulic power steering pump. 2) Torque sensor. 3) hydraulic pipe. Other one is electronic steering in which there are three thing which is use to operate electric steering. 1) Steering control module. 2) electric motor. 3) torque sensor.

Cause Of C10AD07 Audi :

  • Faulty fuse.
  • Damage wiring harness.
  • Faulty steering angle sensor.
  • Failure steering control module.
  • Faulty steering motor itself.

Symptoms C10AD07 Audi :

  • Steering warning light will start flashing on cluster.
  • Steering will become so hard.
  • Fault code will store in control module.
  • Ride height control module may not fuction proper.

How to trouble shoot :

  • As fault code C10AD07 Sensor For Motor Position-Mechanical malfuction is related to the problem of electronic steering control module. Mechanic need to work with this fault code very carefully.
  • Firstly scan vehicle with proper scan tool to find proper fault code which is related to the problem. If found this fault code in audi always use oddis software to scan. Oddis software is a OEM software of audi or VW group.
  • Check fault code which is related to the problem of faulty steering, rectify status of fault code if it is present in history or active/static status.
  • This fault code can be store due to two reasons one is mechanical problem inside the steering rack, or electrical problem in the steering control unit.
  • 1) In case of electrical problem there could be two things either its electronic control unit is faulty or there ia some problem with wiring Or fuses.
  • first check fuse and wiring harnes if there is any blown fuse then change it, or if found damage wiring harness than repair it.
  • Check power supply, ground and CAN line. If power supply and ground is ok, then check CAN line with scope. If found any disturbance in CAN line signal then change it.
  • 2) As fault code is showing mechanical failure or malfunction it might be possible that steering motor is faulty. To confirm open steering remove steering motor and check it properly for its function. If it is not working fine then replace it with the new steering motor.

Solution of C10AD07 Audi :

  • Perform callibration process with OEM scan tool.
  • Replace blown fuse.
  • Repair damage wiring harness.
  • Replace faulty steering control unit.
  • Replace faulty steering motor.

How risky it is to drive with C10AD07 audi :

  • Driving with C10AD07 Audi can be risky as it is related to the problem inside the steering control module. If there is any fault code store in the steering control module. Steering may behave irregularly which will be hard to drive with it. When fault code is store in steering control module become so hard to turn steering due to which driver face to much forces to turn steering wheel.
  • The second things is that when steering operation become so hard it also disturb driving ability. So if in case steering become hard do not drive at high speed.

Special Note:

  • Whenever found C10AD07 Audi alway inspect it very carefully. Do not change any part thinking that it is faulty. Because in some case C10AD07 Audi is store in control module. It is clearly indicate that the problem is in steering motor. As fault code showing mechanical malfunction in the steering motor.
  • To clear fault code first try to recalibrate the steering control module which can solve the problem. If it is not the try for coding or programming or flashing the steering control module. Most of the time this procedure clear the fault code.
  • But in any case if it does not clear it then changing steering motor or complete steering is a better option to solve or clear the fault code.

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