C104707 level control valve

Fault code is related to the problem with ride height control system in Audi. Vehicle which is occupied with ride height control system have many things to control the ride height control system. When there is any problem occurs at ride height control system like, Leak at any where in the system for example leak at valve block, airmatic balloon, damage air pipe line,faulty ride height sensor, week air compressor, faulty valve block. Ride height control mofault store fault code C104707 level control valve mechanical malfunction  in ride height control system.

Name and function of part which are involve in ride height control system listed below :

  • Air compressor : build high pressure air, send this air to valve block.
  • Valve block : valve block receive air form air compressor and distribute it to all four airmatic balloon according to the signal from ride height control module.
  • Ride height control module : control complete system of ride height control, receive signal from all four ride height sensor according to which send signal to valve block to distribute air into the airmatic balloon.
  • Ride height sensor : Ride height sensor send signal to control module of about heigh of vehicle from each side.
  • Shocks absorber : Airmatic balloon recieve air from valve block and change its size accordingly.

Causes of C104707 level control valve :

  • Leak in ride height system.
  • Faulty valve body.
  • Leak shock absorber.
  • Week air compressor.
  • Faulty ride height control module.
  • Damage wiring harness.
  • Blown fuse or faulty relay.

Symptoms :

  • There will be warnign indicator on cluster meter.
  • Vehicle height will not rise. Can be seen that height is rising from one side only.
  • Fault code will store in control module.

How to trouble shoot :

  • When thers is any problem occurs at ride control system in vehicle. Like vehicle height is not rising or not lowering, one side rising or one side not rising. All this kind of problem can be seen in vehicle which is occupied with ride height control system. when you see problem like all these in your vehicle you need to carefully work on it. Scan vehicle with the help of scan tool, check all the fault code store in ride height control module.When found fault code  C104707 level control valve mechanical malfunction  store in engine control module. it means that there is some problem at ride height control module.
  • This problem can be serious to solve that is why you need a high skill technician to solve problem. who have well experience to work on ride height control system.
  • To solve this problem you need to know the function of all components which are listed above.
  • First thing to do when you see this fault code store in control module is to check that if vehicle height is rising or not after engine start. If vehicle height is not rising even little bit. Than it might be possible that air compressor is week due which there is no pressure in system to rise height of vehicle. Or air compressor is not turning on , because of which there is no air build up in system.
  • But if air compressor is working than check pressure of air build in air compressor (if vehicle height is not rising). There shuld be 13-16 bar pressure build in air compressor. If it will be below that than compressure will not be able to lift the height of vehicle. In this situation compressor will work more to build air, and when compressor work more it will get hot. Temperature sensor which is located at air compressor sens heat of air compressor and shut off air compressor for safety reason. When air compressor is not able to build enough pressure in system than replace that air compressor.
  • If air compressor is making enough air pressure according to the requirement, than go to check other thing. But before checking other things check that if vehicle height is rising or not. Because if there is enough air pressure in system than vehicle height should be rising or lowering accordingly.
  • Now start checking leak in system from valve block from where all four air pipe line go to the air shocks absorber. If there is no leak in system than it might be possible that valve block doesn’t work properly. In this situation replace valve block with another new one that can solve problem. After replacing valve block if problem remains same than it can be possible that there is some leak in system.
  • Check air pipe line for leak also check shock ups for leak there will be a major leak at pipe or shock up due to which vehicle height is not rising. When found leak at air pipe line than replace that air pipe line and when found leak at shock up than replace that shokups.

Solution of C104707 level control valve :

  • Repair leak air pipe line.
  • Close leak in system.
  • Replace leak shock absorber
  • Repair or replace week air compressor
  • Replace faulty ride height level sensor.
  • Replace faulty valve block.
  • Repair damage wiring harness.

Special note :

When found fault code C104707 level control valve mechanical malfunction  store in ride height control module check step by step to find problem as mension above. One thing is more common in this problem which is leak. Most probably there will be leak or a faulty valve block in system when this fault code store in control module.

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