C1031F1 Audi Ride Height Control System

Level Control Pressure Sensor-Residual Pressure Sensor For Lowering Rear Axle too low

Fault code C1031F1 Audi Ride Height Control System is related to the problem in ride height control module. when ride height control module receive faulty signal from rear height level sensors. Height level sensors are used in vehicle occupied with automatic height control system to monitor load weight on air suspension system and this load weight in signal form to control module to control air suspension system. There are four height level sensor in vehicle located at each wheel. sometime when any one or two height level sensor stop sending signal to the control module fault code C1031F1 Audi Ride Height Control System will store in controller.

In this case ( Level Control Pressure Sensor-Residual Pressure Sensor For Lowering Rear Axle too low ) fault code is triggering the faulty signal from rear side. this might be rear left or rear right height level sensor issue or may be some time problem with both the sensor. height level sensor sent faulty signal due to damage by water or broken linkage of sensor. Height control module use input signal of these sensor and adjust the height of vehicle according to load weight.

Causes C1031F1 Audi Ride Height Control System :

  • faulty height level sensor.
  • mechanical failure of height level sensor.
  • damage wiring harness of sensor.
  • faulty height control module.

Symptoms :

  • air suspension light will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • vehicle height can go automatically down or up.
  • this fault code will always comes while driving.
  • fault code will store in ride height control module.

Solution C1031F1 Audi Ride Height Control System :

  • Replace faulty height level sensor.
  • repair damage wiring harness.
  • repair mechanical failure of sensor.
  • replace damage wiring harness.

How To Trouble soot fault code C1031F1 :

Case #1

  • Mechanic should start diagnosing this fault with visually inspection at the sensor location for any damage or failure appearance.
  • with the help of scan tool find the fault code and start rectifying the trouble code. for its status like active or intermittent and confirm customer complain.
  • check the signal of height level sensor for any fluctuation. if any one or two sensor signal are fluctuating above the actual value.
  • from setting menu activate the air suspension wheel changing option.
  • than go to inspect that sensor for any mechanical or electrical failure. Check for the voltage supply at height level sensor and ground wire for any damage. there can be four wire 1) power supply 2) ground wire 3) upside signal wire 4) downside signal wire ( some time there can be three or five wires at height level sensor ). also it can be happen because of stuck height level sensor.
  • Replace that faulty height level sensor, than go to monitor the signal of all four height level sensor. if all the sensor signals are fluctuating near actual values . If it does than take a long drive of vehicle and check for the appearance of fault code.

Case #2

  • Check leakge at all the four baloons, specially at front side both baloons. however the fault code is showing towards the reax axle but, it might be possible that the problem is in front side blaoons.
  • check leakage at front left and front right shockup that can be leak.
  • fill all the four balloons at proper level, leave the car for sometime then observe that from which side height of vehicle is low.
  • if car height is lower from front left then it is possible that the front left shock up is leak.
  • if car height is lower from front right than it is possible that fornt right shock up is leak.
  • Find leakage then repair it , that can solve the problem.

Special note on C1031F1 Audi Ride Height Control System :

Always remember that if any changes in ride height control module take place, ride height adjustment or calibration process must be perform. as while changing height sensor the value of that height sensor

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