C101816 Return Pump-Voltage Too Low

Fault code C101816 return pump-voltage too low is set in the Anti lock braking control module. When Abs control module detect low voltage at return pump or no voltage. Return pump is used in ABS control module to restore the brake fluid back, after hydraulic valve release brake fluid when brake is stepped. For again applying brake the pressure in abs control module is require. The return pump is use to take that pressure back. It any problem occurs and return pump fail to take the pressure back than C101816 return pump-voltage too low fault code is set.

Return pump is installed in abs control module and power is supply to it directly from battery voltage. There is a power distribution controller that provide the voltage to many controller or sensor. From where abs return pump is power up through a safety resistance of 100ohms. This resistor is present on the battery controller, there are many other resistors which is used to power up other controller. Because of heavy duty or any other problem if any voltage difference occur this 100ohms resistors get fuse and make the circuit open so that there is no voltage supply.

Causes of C101816 return pump voltage too low :

  • Blow 100ohm safety resistor.
  • Faulty return pump.
  • Damage wiring harness.
  • Water damage on the abs control module socket.

Symptoms :

  • ABS light will pop up on cluster meter.
  • Abs pedal will go all the way down.
  • Low braking pressure.
  • Fault code will store in ABS control module.

Solution C101816 return pump voltage too low :

  • Replace blown safety resistor.
  • Repair damage wiring harness.
  • Replace faulty return pump.
  • clean the socket of ABS control module to make proper connection.

How risky it is drive with C101816 :

  • It can be risky to drive with this fault code as it is related to abs control module. Fault code store in abs control module can cause loss of braking power. Return pump use in abs control module to store the loss hydraulic pressure release by hydraulic valve. Return pump store this high pressure and make the braking system work smooth.

How to solve fault code C101816 :

  • Scan the fault code with scanner in anti lock braking (ABS) System. If fault code exist in abs the check the status of fault code.
  • Check power supply at abs control module socket and also for any damage in socket.
  • If power supply is not meat the require voltage then go to check the safety resistor of 100ohms, than can be damage or blown. By changing safety resistor problem can be solve.
  • If resistor is not blow or damage than at this situation return pump may have its internal circuit failure.
  • Also changing return pump with the new one or second hand with the same coding and programing will solve the problem.

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