BMW ride height adjustment

In BMW ide height adjustment require after replacement of any part which is related to the ride height control system. Like ride height control module, air balloons, air compressor, ride height sensor, valve block, air pipe line, etc. After replacement of any one of these things ride height adjustment require to stable the height of vehicle. Sometime adjustment of the vehicle height require when mechanic pull the vehicle height with the help of jack tools. Due to which sensor alignment get disturb and control module loss the value of ride height sensor. In this situation you need to recalibrate or adjust the vehicle height to stable or maintain height of vehicle with the help of scan tool.

There is a different method at OEM scan tool. Here is the method of calibration or adjustment with the help of another scan tool which is also a good to use. There might some othere problems can be seen in vehicles due to which doing adjustment of ride height may become necessary.

Condition for ride height adjustment in vehicle:

1.Vehicle should be stand on flat surface.

2.Ignition switch ON engine OFF.

3.There should be no load inside of vehicle while performing ride height adjustment.

4.All door should be close and do not open while performing adjustment of height.

5. Enter proper value of height in scan tool.

Symtoms BMW ride height adjustment :

1.Height of vehicle will not be stable.

2.Vehicle height will not raise or lower.

3.Warning light will illuminate on cluster meter.

4.Fault code of ride height adjustment will store in control module.

How to adjust ride height adjustment (Launch scan tool) :

1.First you need to stand vehicle at flat surface.

2.Turn the ignition key ON and engine OFF.

3.Connect scan tool to vehicle, select the option of BMW vehicle from scan tool.

4.There will be option of special function,in special function select option of ride height adjustment in scan tool.

5.Start process of height adjustment as per the scan tool command, read all the commands of scan and do according to that command.

6.First it will ask to put the size of mechwheel. Measure the size of mechwheel like if it is 17,18,19,20,21. Put the real value in scan too so that control module adjust the value or level of vehicle accordingly.

7.Than you need to put distance of all four wheel between its wheel arch from lower side of mechwheel. measure it with any scale but put the value in MM at scan tool.

8.After putting all these value one bye one press Ok to move further procedure according to the scan tool procedure.

9. After all these scan tool will send all this information to ride control module. Ride height control module store all the information and will match this information from all the store values. If there will be any drastic change in value of height. What is ride height sensor sending signal to control module and what you are putting value of height in scan tool. Than scan tool will tell you to recalibrate height. If values are almost equal than control module will accept that putted value and store this information in memory.

10.Than check the height of vehicle from all four wheel side if it is equal from both the side (left , right). Than it means that adjustment of height has been completed. There will be no warning light on cluster mete aftere completion of ride height adjustment.

If again and again ride height contorl module reject value that you are putting by taking measurement of height. Than there might be some other problem which is causing this problem. Check reading all four ride height sensor, if any one two sensor reading is fluctuating or different from others. That go to check that sensor, repair or replace that sensor. So that there could be no fluction or differernt between all four wheel ride height sensor.

This could be help you:

In some situation vehicle height did not match from both the side (left, right) even after performing ride height adjustment. Like from left side if the distance between wheel arch and mechwheel is 730 mm but from right side it will be 700 mm. Due to this little difference in vehicle height car will look  slightly tilt from right side.

It can be solve by entering slightly low measurement of that side which is higher from other side. Like if left side is 730 mm and right side is 700 mm by measurement than put the value of left side near about 700 mm so that control module adjust height accordingly. This method can also put you trouble so that you should do it according to your comfort or take expert advice who are expert in this kind of problem. This is my personal experiment so if you are trying to do it , do it at your own risk.

Note for BMW ride height adjustment :

Never start ride height adjustment of vehicle at engine start condition or load at vehicle.

Do not remove ride height sensor from vehicle when ignition is turn ON. If you want to open ride height sensor of vehicle first turn the ignition OFF wait for sometime than remove sensor. Reason being is when you remove sensor from vehicle when ignition is turn ON. Than this could be possible that control module did not catch the signal of sensor after reinstalling. Always take proper measurment of height and conver that value in MM as you can enter height value in scan tool only in mm.

important part of ride height adjustment :

Ride height control module: Ride height control module use to recieve signal from different control module and ride height sensor of about hight of vehicle. According to the signal of ride height sensor send ride height control modul send air throug valve block to air balloon which is use to raise or lower height of vehicle.

Valve block: valve block is use to open of close air supply to air ballons according to the signal from ride height control module.

Ride height sensor: Ride height sensor is use to measure height of vehicle and send this information to control module in the form of voltage.

Air balloons: Air balloons are fitted at the near place of shock ups which is use to raise or lower the height of vehicle

Air pipe: Air pipe lines are connected to valve block and air balloons. When control module send signal to valve block to release or the air towards balloon than air go towards balloons through air pipe.

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