Bmw no crank no start

There may be so many reason for no crank no start in bmw. That might be causing problem for no crank no start in bmw. Things that are the reason behind no crank no start are listed below.

  • 1) Low battery power.
  • 2) Low key battery power.
  • 3) Faulty CAS control module.
  • 4) Faulty starter motor.
  • 5) Faulty EKPS control module.
  • 6) Engine compartment problem.

Fisrt thing is to check is brake switch in case of no crank no start in vehicle. check brake switch which is located at brake padle. if brake switch is not installed properly than installed it properly. if brake switch is installed properly. than check wiring haness of brake switch if it is damage or broken from middle than repair it. to check brake switch status go back side of car and check brake light if it glowing without applying brake than brake switch is either faulty or wiring harness of brake switch is disconnected.

1) Low battery power :

In case of BMW no crank no start in vehicle first check battery power of vehicle with multimeter. Battery power should be more than 12 volt, if it is Below that than replace faulty battery. If battery power is showing proper voltage (12volt). Still there is no crank than connect multimeter on battery than try to crank engine. At the time of cranking battery voltage should not drop much from 12 volt. If voltage drop below 10 volts, that means battery voltage is good but gravity in battery is not full. Replace battery with fully charge than can solve problem.

2) Low key Battery Power :

In push button start vehicle if battery power of key is low than than there will be no ignition.key battery is installed inside key which is about 3 volt battery. You will see a malfunction indicator light on cluster meter that no key detected. At this time in emergency if you want to start vehicle place the key near antena or on push button start. In different vehicle Antena is located at different place. Some has antena at its below steering. In this problem replace battery of key that can solve problem.

3) Faulty Case control module :

When battery power is low or there is no fuel in vehicle and customer try to start vehicle. Most of the time vehicle CAS which is a immobilizer or security system of vehicle. Lock starting self to prevent any other problem in vehicle. If it happen than mechanic need to unlock CAS first than try to start vehicle. When CAS is lock you will find a fault code A0AA fault by resetting CAS ELV steering lock. Some time it can be erasable, so that you can delet this fault code and solve problem. in cas if it s not ereasable than you will need to unlock it with online program.

CAS control module

4) Faulty starter motor :

When starter motor is faulty, it will not be able to to crank or start vehicle. When starter is faulty, while starting of vehicle you will hear a click noise from starter. Which indicate problem in starter motor solenoid. If you here same click, click noise again and again than change or repair starter motor to solve problem.

5) Faulty EKPS control module :

EKPS stand for electronic fuel pump control module which is also known as fuel pump relay. EKPS control module is use to give power to fuel pump while cranking engine. If vehicle is not starting even it is cranking. Than first thing is to check is fuel coming from fuel tank to engine compartment. If fuel is not coming toward engine from fuel tank. Than it means that fuel pump is not working. Scan vehicle with the help of scan tool. Scan tool will find fault code if there is any problem in EKPS control module.

There might be two things, first one is faulty fuel pump and the second thing is EKPS control module. Check voltage at fuel pump which come from Ekps control module. If voltage is coming than it means fuel pump is not working, replace faulty fuel pump. If voltage is not coming from fuel pump relay than go to check fuel pump relay. Check power supply,ground and signal wire that all should be present. If all these things is present than it means fuel pump relay is faulty. Replace faulty EKPS control module which is located at hatch back right side below fuse box.

EKPS control module

6) Engine compartment problem :

If car is cranking an still there is no start and all the above thing is good. Than it would be some problem with angine, engine control module or any sensor. In this case mechanic need to scan vehicle with scan tool. By scaning mechanic will be able to know that what is the problem that causing no start.

Major problem behind no start are given below :

  • Faulty crank sensor.
  • Faulty cam sensor.
  • Mechanical failure of fuel high pressure pump.
  • Failure of fuel injector.
  • Faulty spark plug or coil.
  • Faulty engine control module.

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