BMW center locking not working

Main reason behind BMW center locking not working could be blown fuse which is use to give power supply to the control module of center locking. When car door does not open or close by using key button than go to check blown fuse of the locking system which is in fuse box at the passenger side behind glow box. Remove cover of fuse box which is inside of glow box carefully. Check fuse of center locking if blown than replace that fuse and put a new fuse in this fuse box.

The second reason behind center locking not working is faulty antenna or sensor inside door handle. In the process of center locking there are some parts which take place to perform center locking in vehicle. Like diversifying antenna, door hand switch, control module etc. door handle switch is use to provide signal to control module that door is lock or unlock. Diversifying antennae is use catch signal from key when button is press to lock or unlock the door. Control module receive signal of door handle switch and key frequency to control door lock and unlock.

Causes of BMW center locking not working :

Low battery of key.

Faulty internal circuit of key.

Blown fuses.

Failure of door handle switch.

Faulty diversify antennae.

Failure of circuit inside CAS control module.

Symptoms of BMW center locking not working :

Vehicle center lock will stop working.

Vehicle will now catch the frequency of key while starting.

There would be no ignition or crank.

Fault code store in engine control module.

Remote control fault indicator warning will illuminate of cluster.

How to trouble shoot :

Problem behind BMW center locking not working could be vary as there may be so many different reasons behind this problem. First thing to do when center lock does not work is to check if key is working or not. To check key working or not check frequency of key with the of frequency tester machine. If frequency machine did not catch any frequency when button key is press than it means that key is not responding. Check battery inside of key, if battery is low than replace that low battery. Now if battery power is good and still machine did not catch any frequency than it means that key have some fault at its internal circuit. Replace key with new one and program or match that key with the vehicle CAS control module.

If there is no problem at key than go to check the other thing further which is fuse of center locking system. when fuse is blown than replace that faulty fuse. If fuse is good than with the help of scan tool check fault code store in CAS (car access system) control module, FRM (foot well module) control module, and JBE (junction box electronic).

Check fault code store in all these control module and verify that all the fault codes which are stored in these control module indicating problem in which direction. For example if all the fault code which is store in control module is storing problem toward any faulty door handle. Than you will need to check that particular door handle switch. If require than replace that faulty door handle switch which can solve the problem of center locking.

In case if store fault code indicate problem at diversifying antennae than check which antenna is faulty. As in vehicle there are more than 3 antennae, one will be in font side near push button, the second one would be at the rear side of central console and the third one would be at the rear compartment (in some model it is present at the top rear side, in some model it is present at the tail gate area). You need to find all these three antennae, replace faulty antennae.

In some vehicle there is problem of CAS control module due to which this problem can be seen in vehicle. To confirm that if CAS control module have malfunction in it. Take key at the rear side of vehicle and place the key at the rear right side of glass than try to lock and unlock vehicle. Now if it does than it means that there is some problem at the whole system of vehicle locking system.

Which could be very expensive to solve this problem. In this situation you will need to change diversify antennae, key, and there will be some changes can be done inside the program of CAS control module. This work should be done by the BMW expert technician so that there will be no chance of any mistake while doing this. Because a little mistake in this work can lead to heavy loss in vehicle owner.

Solution of BMW center locking not working :

Replace key battery.

Replace blown fuse.

Change week battery of key

Reprogramm or replace CAS control module.

Replace faulty key antennae.

Repair or replace door handle switch.

Special note:

When there is a problem of center locking occurs at BMW. Do work with carefully and try to follow all the above direction of finding fault and solution. You can do it by yourself this work but do not try to do as this solution will need a highly profession worker to do it. Do not replace any part in doubt, diagnose everything properly so that cost of solving this problem could not give problem to the owner of vehicle.

How to check battery of key:

Key battery can be check by removing it out side of key with the help of multimeter. In all the key there are similar power battery which is 3V. But there number Or part number are different. Check battery power and brand of battery which is mension by manufacturer. As many times wrong number of key battery also created problem due to which remote does not work properly.

How to test key frequency:

There are so many machines available to check frequency of key by pressing button on it. Every button on the key have different frequency. Like if lock button have different, unlock button have different and tail gate also have different frequency. When key button is pressed for lock and unlock purpose. Key emits frequency signal and vehicle key antenna detect that frequency from key and send this signal to controller. Control module receive this signals from antenna and lock or unlock vehicle according to it.

how rectify faulty door handle switch:

with the help of scan tool we can find faulty door handle switch. If there will be any faulty door handle switch than vehicle will not get lock. Because according to the condition of vehicle lock all the doors should be close. But when fool lock switch will send proper sognal to controller about door lock or unlock than vehicle not get lock. Even if you will try to lock vehicle when any one door handle switch is faulty than you will se that when press the lock button on key. Vehicle will lock and immediately it will get unlock.

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