Bmw battery not charging

BMW battery not charging problem can be happen due to many reasons. As there is so many components which take part to do battery charging. When any one these components or part get fail there will be problem of bmw battery no charging. Problem of Bmw battery not charging can be solve with the solution given below.

  • Weak battery.
  • Faulty Alternator.
  • Damage positive wire of battery.
  • Blown fuse.
  • Faulty other control module.

These are the main reason behind no charging in bmw. Check all these things to confirm the problem due to which there is no battery charging in bmw. Let start checking all these things one by one so that we come to know which one is faulty

Weak battery :

check battery power with the help of multimeter there should be 12 volt. If there is no 12volt than the battey has no power it need to be charge. Sometime when battey is not in use for long time battery loss its gravity. In this condition when you connect battery to charger. After some time it will show that battery is fully charge, but when again put this battery into vehicle. Vehicle will not crank because battery has lose its gravity power. To get battery gravity again battery need to charge for whole night. So that battery can perform well. Other wise battery will start draining again and again if it will not get its gravity power.


Faulty Alternator :

Alternator is use to produce AC voltage which is convert into DC with the help of voltage regulator which is fitted inside alternator. This DC voltage is use to charge battery according to requirement. Alternator start working when engine start, it feed charging to battery. When battery get fully charged alternator have cut-out in it which is use to stop voltage producing when battery get fully charged. When any one of them stop working or get fail due to any reason alternator stop charging battery. In results which battery loss its power and stop working, there will be no crank no start in this situation. Repair faulty alternator or replace alternator with new one that might solve problem.

Damage positive wire of battery :

There is a positive cable which is connected with battery to alternator. In most of bmw there battery is located at rear side. Positive cable come from battery to alternator. In positive cable there is a safety joint connection near battery is install. Which act as a safety aspect in case of accident, that safety joint get fused or disconnect so that there is no power in vehicle. This system save driver from more injury. Check that positive cable if that is fuse or loose from battery or alternator connect that properly.

battery main cable

Blown fuse :

There are some fuses which are use to protect electric circuit, some are located at near battery ans some fuses are located at fuse box. Check all of them if found blown fuse than repair that fuse with new one. So that charging circuit should be complete.

blown fuse

Faulty other control module :

there might be some other faulty component or control module which are the reason behind no battery charging in bmw. Check all the other thinks if found any thing faulty replace them with new one.

Special note of Bmw battery not charging :

Most of the time in this situation of battery not charging people get confused and they simply replace battery and thing that it will solve problem. In some case it might solve problem but, if there is no any problem with battery than replacing battery will not solve problem. Before replacing batery check alternator if it charging or not. If alternator is not working than replace alternator to solve problem.

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