B200049 Control Module Faulty

Fault code B200049 Control Module Faulty is related to the problem with faulty stearing control module in audi. In Audi steering control module is fitted inside steering rack lower side. Most of the time steering control module get fail due to water enter inside steering control module. Because it is fitted at lower side of steering rack, when car get into contact with water it enter inside control module. When steering control module stop working properly and send wrong signal to other control module through CAN line signal. Than steering control module set fault code B200049 Control Module Faulty.

Causes of B200049 Control Module Faulty :

  • Faulty steering control module.
  • Programming issue.
  • Broken power supply or ground wire.
  • Blown fuse of control module.
  • Damage CAN wiring harness.
  • Failure of any other control module.

symptoms of B200049 Control Module Faulty :

  • Stearing warning light will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • stearing may become hard while driving.
  • Fault code will store in control module.
  • might be possible that there will be traction warning light on cluster meter.

How to trouble shoot :

  • When steering warning light start illuminating on cluster meter stop driving as it can be a risky to drive. Because when steering warning light illuminate on cluster it means that there is some problem in steering control module. mechanic need to scan vehicle with scan tool. When found fault code B200049 Control Module Faulty store in steering control module. Mechanic need to check wiring harness of steering control module. Check power supply and ground if both of them are present or not. If found any thing loose connection or any damage at wiring harness repair that wiring harness. If power supply and ground is good at steering control module.
  • Than check CAN wiring harness for damage or broken, if found any wire damage or brake than repair that. With the help of CAN signal reading tool we can measure the CAN signal that can make it easy to know that steering control module is faulty or not. (If you have CAN signal reading tool than remove socket of CAN connector and connect tool with CAN wire check if signal is proper or not. If after removing socket of CAN connector signal is proper than it means that all other control module is good and sending proper signal to steering control module. Than again connect socket of CAN connector with the connection of CAN signal wire tool. Now if reading of CAN signal wire is not looking proper as per manufacturers. than it means that steering control module is faulty. If signal is not proper after removing CAN connector from control module. than it means there is some other control module which is disturbing CAN signal due to which fault code B200049 control module faulty is store in control module)
  • If CAN line signal is not proper than replace steering control module.
  • But if CAN line signal is good, power supply and ground is good also steering control module is not faulty and it is working fine.
  • Than it might be possible that there is a problem of programme issue with steering control module. By programming steering control module with the help of OEM scan tool problem can be solve.
  • Perform programming process and programme steering control module than will solve problem. After programming steering warning light must be gone. There should be no steering warning light on cluster meter.

solution :

  • Repair damage positive or ground wiring harness.
  • Repair damage CAN line wiring harness.
  • Replace faulty steering control module.
  • Reprogramme steering control module.

Special note :

When found fault code B200049 Control Module Faulty. Some people directly start opening steering to replace complete steering, before diagnosing properly. Diagnose properly if there is a problem of steering control module, than replace only steering control module. Do not replace complete steering, that would be costly to replace.

Also there might be the a problem of programming issue in steering control module. Sometime while working on other problem in vehicle programme of steering control module loose it programme. When steering control module loose its programme than it could stop working. Perform flashing amd reprogramming process that will clear problem of steering warning light on cluster meter.

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