B10AC Refrigerant Pressure Sensor To High

Fault code B10AC refrigerant pressure sensor is store in the Ac controle module. when air conditioning controle module recieve low voltage, high voltage signal or a faulty signal coming out from the refrigerant sensor. the code B10AC refrigerant sensor can be store in memory because of a bad refrigerant sensor or low amount of ac gas pressure build up inside the ac system. when this fault code is set in AC controle module the ac system will stop working or there will be no cooling inside the ac system.

Most of the time the refrigerant sensor is faulty or some time the pressure inside the air conditioning system is too low. this problem can also cause by leak in air conditioning system.Because of leak in air condition system there will be no gas pressure present inside the system which leads the system is without gas or low pressure inside and because of low pressure and no gas inside the system the ac system will stop working.

cause of B10AC :

  • A faulty refrigerant sensor.
  • faulty ac control pannel.
  • damage wiring harness.
  • low pressure inside the air conditioning system.
  • leak in air condition system.

symptoms B10AC :

  • air condition system of car will stop working.
  • fault code will store in memory.
  • faulty components in air condition system.

solution B10AC refrigerant pressure sensor :

  • Replace refrigerant pressure sensor.
  • repair damage wiring harness of sensor.
  • change or repair leak components in ac system.
  • fill proper amount of gas in ac system.

How to diagnose fault code B10AC refrigerant pressure sensor :

  • mechanic need to scan the fault code with the help of scan tool. check the status of faul code weather it is in activre static or hostory.
  • check wiring harness of ac pressure switch for any damage or corrosion occurs at sensor.
  • Refrigerant pressure sensor is controlled by three wires. 1) 12V power supply, 2) ground, 3) 5Vsignal wire.
  • Check power supply, ground and signal wire,If it is good.
  • than go to change air conditioning pressure sensor.
  • if changing ac pressure sensor does not solve the problem. than go to check pressure inside the air conditioning system.
  • a faulty air conditioning compressor can also lead to store fault code in the system.

Always remember when this fault code found in audi A6 there is most of the chance that the sensor is faulty. In some case the wiring harness get damage because the wiring of this sensor is coming from under the headlight through bumper. Before replacing the sensor check the wiring harness and gas pressure in the air condition system.

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