B10A9 Control Circuit Of A/C Compressor

fault code B10A9 Control Circuit Of A/C Compressor is set in the controller. when control module detect failure of ac compressor valve or magnetic clutch. this can be happen because of several issues in car. most of the time it happen because of failure of ac compressor valve. ac compressor valve work as a actuator of ac compressor if it will not actuate the ac system will stop working. failure of ac compressor valve can cause, because of fine metal present in the compressor.

this fault code can be detect by the controller because of damage wiring harness of the ac compressor valve. length of wiring coming from the controller to the ac compressor valve is so far. so damage of wiring harness can also cause this problem or fault code stored in the controller.

how risky it is to drive with this fault code :

Driving with this fault code is not risky as this fault code only stop the working of Air Condition system which is installed in the vehicle for the comfort reason. Even if Air Condition system will not work, then also there will be no problem while driving the car.

Cause of B10A9 :

  • faulty ac compressor valve or magnet clutch.
  • damage wiring harness.
  • blown fuse.
  • failure of ac controlling button control module.

Symptoms of B10A9 :

  • Air condition system of car will stop cooling.
  • Air compressor valve or magnetic clutch will not actuate.
  • blinking light on the button of ac controller.
  • fault code store in the control module.

Solution of B10A9 :

  • Repair damage wiring harness.
  • replace faulty ac compressor valve.
  • replace faulty ac magnetic clutch.
  • change the blown fuse.
  • repair or replace the ac button controller.

Special note :

fault code B10A9 Control Circuit Of A/C Compressor is store in the controller because of damage wiring harness. when found in audi A8L check the wiring socket at the engine compartment left side at the place of wiper washing container. there is a socket which get damage while water is putting in the washer tank. check and repair that socket which get damage because of water. if problem solve than good but if not then check further for compressor valve or magnetic clutch. perform test for the checking of these two things.

If the wiring harness of the AC compressor valve is good, then go to check the condition of the compressor valve. If power supply is ok till the AC compressor valve after turning on the air conditioning. then it is clear that the ac compressor valve is not good and not working properly, if this things happen than it also possible that the ac compressor is also fail. in this situation the whole ac system like condenser, cooling coil, ac pipe need to be clean and complete ac compressor need to be replace. because if you are only going to change the faulty ac compressor, then after certain time it will again fail due to fine metal particle present in the ac system. so just make sure that the whole system of the ac should be clean before replacing ac compressor

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