Audi Q7 Air Suspension Height Calibration

Air suspension Height calibration require when there is any change in the air matic balloon, height sensor, or after repair of any problem in the height control system. air matic suspension height calibration is require to do when there is any repair or replace had been done like air matic motor repair or replace ,valve body repair or replace, after replace of any damage pipe. In new coming vehicle Air suspension installed in the car to make a comfort drive at a rough road.

Height control system work on the basis of signal coming from all four height level sensor. As signal of level sensor increase hight of vehicle decrease. Height level sensor play a measure role in hight of vehicle.

How it work :

If the vehicle will go through a speed breaker the hight of vehicle go up and down. This is possible because of height level sensor. As vehicle go through from speed breaker the height of wheel will go up side. Height level sensor monitor this fluctuation and send the signal to the heigh controller. Height control module recieve this signal and release the air pressure from air matic shock ups. When the wheel go at level surface after braker then heigh level sensor monitor this signal and send to controller. Controller recieve this signal of level surface and fill the air matic shock ups to make the vehicle height level.

Conditions air suspension height calibration :

  • Park the vehicle on level surface.
  • Start the engine and put the gear in P position.
  • Shut all the doors.Door must be closed while calibration.
  • Set the suspension mode at comfort mode from setting on display.

Start Calibration with VCDS :

  1. Go to select option.
  2. Then select 34 level control.
  3. Scan fault code and delete them.
  4. Then go to security and put security code 31564
  5. The select adaptation.
  6. Then measure the gap from centre of wheel to wheel arch for all four wheel.
  7. Put the measure value one by one in mm of all four wheel. then test the value and then save it.
  8. after all four wheel measurement select next step number 5 and put the value 1 test and save.
  9. if all the measure value will ok the height system will calibrate.
  10. Then select fault code and delete all the remaining fault code stored in the system.

Special Note for air suspension height calibration :

Air suspension height Calibration is highly risky to perform. Before performing height calibration alway make sure that if it is require then only perform it, Otherwise do not do it. If you don’t have perform it before doing it can be highly risky to perform.

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