Audi A6 Air Suspension Height Calibration

height calibration is a procedure use to maintain the difference of height of each to its wheel arch. in audi a6 air suspension height calibration procedure is perform when there is any changes takes place. when any faulty height level sensor, leak or failure air suspension shockup is change from the vehicle. air suspension height calibration is require to do. Because while changing any part of the height system the data of height calibration get disturb and set the fault code air suspension height calibration not perform.

What needs to be care while working with air suspension :

  • driving with without calibration can risky as the height of vehicle will not be balance from any side.
  • before changing any parts of the air suspension set the vehicle in jack mode from setting.
  • by setting the vehicle on jack mode it can save the data of calibration.
  • before changing any electrical part of vehicle disconnect the battery wire.
  • all four door should be close while performing height calibration.
  • no body should be in the car while calibration.

Condition Of Audi A6 Air Suspension Height Calibration :

  • Set the vehicle on auto mode from display setting.
  • disable wheel change mode.
  • Car should be on level ground surface.
  • engine must be at idle position.
  • gear should be in P position.

Procedure Of Audi A6 Air Suspension Height Calibration :

  • Go to SELECT option.
  • select 34 LEVEL CONTROL option.
  • Go to SECURITY ACCESS and enter 20103 security code.
  • go back to BASIC SETTING option.
  • select active level control then GO (wait until it say not running).
  • select delete calibration level control (wait until it say not running).
  • select start upto reference level (wait until it say not running).
  • Go back to ADAPTATION.
  • measure the height of each wheel arch from middle of wheel.
  • measure F/L, F/R, R/L, R/R and put the value in mm.
  • after entering value of all four wheels GO BACK.
  • go to BASIC SETING again.
  • select calibration level control then GO (wait until it say stop running)
  • select active level control the GO (wait until it say not running)
  • now the calibration is done GO to fault code option and delete the remaining fault code.

special note :

  • while performing height calibration always focus on the selected option selecting GO button. As if by mistakenly any other option will select and GO button will hit by you. it can delete all the coding data in the height control module.
  • which can lead to recoding the height control module which is very costly.
  • always remember that door of the vehicle should be close while performing calibration.

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