9CBD FRM:Short Circuit At Rear Door Contacts

This fault code is related to foot well module which if FRM. Fault code 9CBD FRM short circuit at rear door contacts is set in the Foot well control module when the controller loss the communication with rear doors. In all BMW cars Foot well control module control the headlights, center lock, power windows, wiper motor, and all.9CBD FRM short circuit at rear door contacts is set in foot well module when lock and unlock system didn’t work with rear doors.

Most of the time 9CBD fault code set in the footwell module when someone try to jump start the BMW car.whenever someone try to jump start the car the failure of FRM is quit possible.in this fault code it only lost communication with rear doors.

Failure of Footwell Module can cause the car to lock and unlock the car automatically or it can be going on lock and unlock continously.

Solution of 9CBD FRM short circuit at rear door contact :

To solve this problem first of all same the car with scan tool.

1) Delete the fault code and try to lock & unlock the door.

2) If it work then good if does not work then disconnect the rear door contact socket of both the door.

3) Then try to lock and unlock if works it is good, then again connect the rear doors socket, and try to lock and unlock the. Now check center lock system if it is working or not. if it does not work still then try to check all the electrical system which is related to the this function.

4) Most of the time this fault code is store in control module due to faulty footwell control module.

Cause of 9CBD FRM short circuit at rear door contacts :

  • Failure of FRM control module.
  • low voltage of battery.
  • faulty rear door control module.

Symptoms 9CBD FRM short circuit at rear door contact :

  • Door will automatically lock and unlock itself.
  • Some time lock and unlock will not work.
  • lock and unlock system will work on only front door.
  • there will be not communication with rear door control module.

Special note :

STEP#1 Before replacing foot well control module check for any other problem that can cause to set this fault code. there are some other problem that can cause this fault code to store in engine control module. sometime software of the FRM control module get corrupted due to which reason it is possible that it can show the problem like this. in these case it is also possible that the control modules of the rear doors may be faulty due to which the FRM getting the wrong can signal and storing this kind of fault. It is also possible that the can wiring harness get damage or trapped somewhere inside the side panel. because sometime working on the other problem we have to open all the interior to do that type of work. After completing that work when we start fitting the interior or seat, sometime we by mistakenly screwed the can wire below the seat screw. at that time can wire get damage and start sending wrong signal to the controller. these wrong signal can lead to inoperative that system from which this can wire is connected, and also can lead to store the fault code in control module.

STEP#2 Follow the SOLUTION procedure to solve this fault code. Before that check the battery voltage and if the batter voltage is not at sufficient level than remove the battery and put it on the charger to fully charge. check the cell of battery if any cell is week than change the battery also, as if you will fit the same bad battery after charge it can create the same fault after sometime.

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