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BMW X5 6295 EKPS : No Control Current

Fault code 6295 EKPS : No control current is related to the electronic fuel pump relay failure. Electronic fuel pump relay is used to control the low pressure fuel pump. it work when engine crank ECU ( engine control module ) send signal to turn on the low pressure fuel pump. Fuel pump control module turn on the fuel pump as the requirement of fuel pressure in engine. when ECU detect low pressure signal or no signal from fuel control module then it set the fault code 6295 EKPS : No Control Current.

In BMW car fuel pump relay is located at the trunk where mostly water damage occurs. most of the time fuel pump relay get damage only because of water. But in some cases when 6295 store always check the loos connection at relay socket.

Electronic fuel pump control relay (EKPS)

How risky it is to drive with 6295 EKPS : No Control Current :

  • driving with this type of trouble code is not possible. As when this type of fault code is store in engine control module it creates problem with starting. some time this type of trouble code is store there is no possibility to start the engine. if engine will start at any how then it is not possible to drive in this situation.

Causes of 6295 EKPS : No Control Current :

  • Faulty fuel pump relay.
  • loos connection at fuel pump relay socket.
  • damage wiring harness of fuel pump relay.
  • weak low pressure pump also can create this fault code to store.
  • Blown fuse of fuel pump relay.

Symptoms of :

  • Starting problem.
  • start engine stalling problem.
  • no power while driving.
  • long crank while starting.
  • fault code will store in control module.

Solution of 6295 EKPS : No Control Current :

  • Replace faulty fuel pump relay.
  • make proper connection with fuel pump relay.
  • repair damage wiring harness.
  • test for weak low pressure fuel pump.
  • replace blown or rusty fuel pump.

How to trouble soot :

  • mechanic should start diagnosing fault code 6295 EKPS : No Control Current from scanning the car control module for the presence of fault code and its status. if it is present in history or permanent status and confirm customer status.
  • than go to check the fuse of fuel pump relay and it connection for any or rusty connection. also trace the wiring harness of the fuel pump relay and low pressure fuel pump. if al l these is good than go further step to check the the other things.
  • if power supply and ground wire is ok to fuel pump relay. Than check the internal failure of the fuel pump relay for water damage or internal short circuit.
  • most of the time this fault code is solve by making proper connection at fuel pump relay. Because of water damage sometime its socket get damage. so just clean the rusty and loos connection with socket, that may solve the problem.
  • but if the problem is with the faulty EKPS control module then replace it with the same part number ( if part number will not same it will not gonna work anymore ).

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