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5F94 Solenoid Valve Rear Left

Fault code 5F94 solenoid valve rear left is related to the electronic height control (EHC) system. In some vehicle electronic height control system in installed at only rear side. There for the level control pressure sensor has only two solenoid valve, rear right and rear left. These solenoid valve is used to fill or empty the air matic balloon or ride height shock up fitted at both the wheel . When ride height control module detect failure of level control system pressure sensor or leak at the rear left aitmatic balloon. Than (EHC) control module set fault code 5F94 solenoid valve rear left. in most of the cases this could happen because of leak in the system or damage air matic pipe line.

Level control pressure sensor

Causes 5F94 Solenoid Valve Rear Left :

  • Faulty level control pressure sensor or solenoid valve.
  • Leak at rear left airmatic pipe.
  • Faulty ride height sensor.
  • Internal failure of the EHC control module.
  • Damage wiring harness.

Symptoms :

  • vehicle height may be lower from rear left side.
  • Air suspension warning light will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • Fault code will store in height control module.
  • there will be a small misbehavior while driving.
  • driver will feel one side of vehicle down.

Solution 5F94 Solenoid Valve Rear Left:

  • Replace faulty ride height solenoid valve.
  • Repair or replace airmatic pipre leakage.
  • Replace faulty ride height sensor.
  • Repair damage wiring harness.

How to trouble shoot fault code 5F94 :

  • As this fault code is related to the height control system (EHC). Mechanic should be careful while working in this type of trouble.
  • Start from checking the leakage at level control pressure sensor, its aitmatic pipe and also at the airmatic balloon.
  • always when this type of fault code is set, due to the damage air matic pipe or leak at airmatic balloon.
  • check the leak and make sure which one has the leak and change that simultaneously, that may solve the problem.
  • But if still it does not solve the problem after replacing the pipe or balloon then go to change the level control pressure sensor that may block from inside. after replacing level control pressure sensor.
  • if still fault code is present in the system than go to check the wiring harness of the height level sensor and level control pressure sensor. if wiring harness of height level sensor and level control pressure sensor is is good then go to change the the height level sensor. if after changing height level sensor the fault code remain store in the height control module, then it might be possible that the control module its self is faulty.
  • than go to check the height control module (EHC) for its internal failure. always due to water storage at the place of control module it get damage. it is present at the rear right side sink from where water can enter into the car very easily. Replace faulty control module with new and same part number control module can solve the problem. after replacing control module with new control module need to be coding and programing as well.

How risky it is to drive with fault code 5F94 :

  • As fault code 5F94 Solenoid Valve Rear Left is related to the height control system. it might be risky to drive with, because when height control module detect fault in the system it start sending warning light on the cluster meter. it may also cause the car to not run properly, because if there is any problem occurs in the electronic height control system it may cause the other system to not work properly. like Antilock braking system, electronic power steering .these things are connected with each other with the help of CAN system. due to which when one control module store malfunction in it the other control module also store it.

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