4CAE DDE : EGR Controller Position Sensor Signal

Fault code 4CAE DDE : EGR Controller, Position Sensor, Signal is related to the problem with EGR controller position actuator. In modern vehicle EGR system is used to reduce NOx from diesel or petrol engine by recirculating small amount of gas back to its intake. where this exhaust gas get mixed with new coming air fuel ratio. this process is perform with the help of EGR actuator or position sensor mounted on exhaust valve which is connected with exhaust manifold. EGR position sensor open or close the exhaust valve flap when Engine control module (DDE) send signal to recirculate some amount of exhaust gas back to intake. sometime due to some mechanical or electrical problem EGR position sensor fail to open or close EGR valve flap to recirculate exhaust gas back to intake manifold then fault code 4CAE DDE : EGR Controller, Position Sensor, Signal store in Engine control module (DDE).

Causes of 4CAE DDE : EGR Controller Position Sensor Signal :

  • Due to carbon composition Block EGR position sensor.
  • Faulty EGR position sensor.
  • Damage wiring harness.
  • blown fuse.

Symptoms :

  • Engine warning light will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • engine will not power up at high speed.
  • fault code will store in engine control module.
  • Black smoke from exhaust tail pipe.

How serious it can be to drive with 4CAE :

when EGR position sensor fail it can create problem while powering up the engine at high speed. some time failure of EGR can cause black smoke from exhaust tail pipe. So it is not high risk to drive with this trouble code, but try to clear the fault code so that it can not affect the other problem in engine. which can lead to suffer more problem while driving at high speed. Like failure of Air mass sensor , oxygen sensor etc which are responsible to boost the engine.

Solution of 4CAE DDE : EGR Controller Position Sensor Signal :

  • Clean EGR position sensor.
  • replace faulty EGR position sensor.
  • repair damage wiring harness.
  • Also check for leakages at EGR valve.

How to diagnose fault code 4CAE DDE : EGR Controller Position Sensor Signal :

  • When this fault code occurs mechanic should start diagnosing from scanning engine control module (DDE). Check the position of EGR position sensor with scan tool from data stream. After starting the engine position of EGR valve should move, if it does not move then go to check the wiring harness and EGR position sensor.
  • there must be 4-5 wire check for reference voltage or ground. there should be a 5V reference voltage and ground. in case if voltage is not good then go to check for damage in wiring harness or blown fuse. if reference voltage and ground is good the go to check the opening and closing position of EGR position sensor.
  • Open the front cover of EGR position sensor and check the movement of EGR position manually with hand. if it feels that the movement of EGR position is irresponsive or stuck while movement. using cleaning spray clean the position sensor, if it is require the remove the hole EGR position sensor remove it and clean the deposit carbon on it. this can solve the trouble of stuck EGR position sensor.
  • if the position sensor is moving properly, wiring harness is also good. then the EGR position sensor may have internal circuit malfunction . By changing the EGR position sensor fault code can be solve.

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