4823EA BMW : EPS Control Unit End Stops Not Taught In

Fault code ”EPS Control Unit End Stops Not Taught In” is related to the trouble with steering control system. In BMW cars Electronic Steering control system (EPS) has a control unit, steering motor, torque sensor build in steering rack and a angle sensor located below steering wheel. These all different sensor and control units are use to control steering to provide a comfort steering system while driving. Due to the failure of any one sensor or control unit sometime whole steering system need be replace. After replacement of whole steering system with new one it need to be recalibrate or reprogram . other wise there is a chance of fault code ”EPS Control Unit End Stops Not Taught In” to store in control unit.

How Electronic power steering ( EPS ) system works :

  • When steering wheel is turn by driver either left or right, torque sensor build in steering rack monitor this torque applied on steering wheel and send this signal to Steering Control Unit. steering angle sensor located below steering wheel also monitor the movement of steering and send signal to steering control unit.
  • Steering control unit receive this signals, generate a power supply voltage and send it to electronic steering motor to turn on due which steering can turn left or right without applying high amount of torque.

Causes of ”EPS Control Unit End Stops Not Taught In” :

  • After replacement of electronic power steering control system.
  • faulty steering control system.
  • control unit need to be reprogram.
  • Also damage ground wire.

Symptoms :

  • electronic power steering warning light illuminate on cluster meter.
  • steering may become hard while driving.
  • fault code will store in control unit.

Solution :

  • Reprogram control unit.
  • check for damage ground wire.
  • perform EPS control unit End Stops taught in process.
  • replace steering control unit with new one and reprogram it.

How to trouble soot fault code Symptoms of ”EPS Control Unit End Stops Not Taught In” :

  • When this fault code appear in steering control unit, mechanic should start diagnosing this fault code from scanning the control unit with scan tool. check the status of fault code for its appearance if it is present in permanent or history.
  • Try to clear the fault code by reprograming or by performing taught in process. take a test drive if fault code and warning light did not come back, then it is good. if it come back than it is possible that there is a faulty sensor or faulty control unit which is creating fault code to be store in control module. check the signal of each sensor with the help of scan tool and try to find out the faulty sensor or faulty controller and replace that.
  • In some cases the whole steering system need to be change. As sensor, motor and control unit is located at same place.
  • After replacement of whole steering system coding, reprogramming or taught in process is need to be perform. coding, programing and taught in process can be perform with the help of OEM software or any other after market scan tool.

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