480db0 Raise control time

Fault code is related to the problem with ride height control malfunction in vehicle. Whenever there is some failure occur in the ride height control system. Control module store fault 480db0 Raise control time. this fault code can be seen due to some reasons like, vehicle height is not raising, vehicle height does not raise similar from all four wheels etc. As there are many parts ( ride height control module, air compressor, ride height sensor, air pipe line etc ) are involve in ride height control module to sustain the system of height management. whenever there is some problem occurs at those parts, ride height control system get disturb due to which some problem can be seen in the system.

Symptoms of 480db0 Raise control time :

Vehicle height will not raise or lower.

Fault code will store in control module.

Warning light will illuminate on cluster meter or information display.

Causes of 480db0 Raise control time :

Faulty air compressor.

Blown fuse.

Faulty control module.

Failure of ride height sensor.

Leak air balloon.

How to trouble shoot :

When found fault code 480dbo raise control timing store in ride height control module. You need to work on it very carefully as it is not an easy job to fix such kind of problem.

First thing you need to check visually if height of vehicle is raising or not when engine is running. If vehicle height is not raising than first thing you need to check is weather air compressor is turning ON or not. When you will turn the vehicle to start position you might heard the noise of air compressor running (air compressor is use to build air to maintain ride height control system). Which is located at the lower position of hatch back. You can see the air compressor at that location.

If air compressor is not working than you need to check the reason behind that no working of air compressor. But if air compressor is working and vehicle height is not raising. Than also you need to check the reason behind this problem.

First you need to check live data with help of scan tool, ride height sensor deviation from normal position, ride height sensor supply voltage and power supply (there should be 12 v or above). All these reading should be equal there should be no changes. If there is any changes at height sensor deviation than you need to check ride height sensor position (sometime due to loose connection sensor get displace from its original place) or ride height sensor wiring harness.

Than with the help of scan tool by actuation test try to lift the vehicle height. Check if height is raising or not after actuation test. If still air compressor does not turn ON and there is no change in vehicle height than you need to check electrical system of ride height control module.

Ride height control module is located at rear right side under tail gate area. There is also a fuse box near ride height sensor, check fuse (F- 152,182) related to the ride height control module (also check power supply at ride height control module). If found blown fuse than replace that blown fuse and then check if air compressor is working or not. If there would be any problem due to blown fuse than, now air compressor should start working and vehicle height should start raising.

But if after replacing blown fuse still air compressor does not start working than it might be possible that there is some problem occurring in air compressor itself. Check for any problem in the air compressor due to which air compressor does not turn ON. Remove air compressor outside and with the help of battery, give power supply to air compressor. Now air compressor should start working if it does not than it might be faulty. Replace that faulty air compressor so that problem can be solve. Also check ride height control module in some case a faulty ride height control module may be the reason behind air compressor does not turn ON.

If air compressor is working after vehicle turn ON and still vehicle height does not raise. Than you need to check if air compressor is building enough air pressure or not. When air compressor build enough air pressure according to requirement than check leak in the system. There might be some leakage at air pipe, valve block, air balloons etc. find leak in the system and close that leak so that vehicle height should start raising. To raise the height of vehicle compressor need to work. Because when air compressor will work than only air build up to raise vehicle.

Now when air compressor is working and there is no leak in the system. Than vehicle height should be raise and sustainable. If still there is some problem occurring at vehicle than there some other problem. You need to check that problem or by scan tool you can find fault code due which there is some problem occurring in vehicle.

Solution :

Replace blown fuse.

Repair damage wiring harness.

Replace faulty ride height control module.

Repair or replace air compressor.

Reapair or replace damage damage air pipe line.

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