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2ab400 charging pressure sensor

Fault code 2ab400 charging pressure sensor, signal: to high is related to the signal from charge pressure sensor. Which is located at the intake manifold, from where air goes into combustion engine. Charging pressure sensor is used to monitor the pressure of air which is entering into combustion chamber. Send this signal to engine control module in the form of voltage. Engine control module use this signal to inject fuel into combustion engine.

Engine control module receive signal from some other sensor who send signal related to the air. Like air mass sensor which send signal to engine control module of about amount of air entering into combustion engine. Just like this exhaust gas sensor send signal to engine control module that how much amount of air is coming from exhaust to combustion engine. Also oxygen sensor which is present on the exhaust before and after of catalytic converter. Which send signal to engine control module, about condition of exhaust gas that if air fuel mixture is properly burn or not.

Causes of 2ab400 charging pressure signal too high:

  • Faulty charging pressure sensor.
  • Damage wiring harness of the sensor.
  • Leak air intake pipe from anywhere.
  • Failure of any other sensor.
  • Carbon deposition at the intake manifold.

Symptoms of 2ab400 charging pressure signal to high:

  • Engine warning light will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • Fault code will store in engine control module.
  • Engine performance issue.
  • Smoke from exhaust pipe.
  • NO boost power while driving at high speed.

How to trouble shoot:

Hook up scan tool to find out fault code store in engine control module. When found fault code store in engine control module. Drive vehicle for a short distance to confirm all the symptoms given above. With the help of scan tool check reading of charge pressure sensor. So that it can be confirm if sensor is working or not. If reading of the sensor is not moving any or there is no data of the sensor reading. Than it means that either sensor is completely dead or there is problem of damage wiring harness. Check wiring harness of the charge air pressure sensor. If found damage at wiring harness repair it, so that there should be no interruption between sensor and engine control module.

In case if sensor reading is there and there is some fluctuation as per the requirement. Than accelerator the engine and check reading if reading is increasing as accelerator pedal is press. If sensor reading is not increase when accelerator pedal is press than it means that sensor is not working properly. This problem can be seen due to two main reasons. One is failure of sensor or and the other one is carbon deposition on the sensor. To find out what is the reason behind no fluctuation at sensor reading.

Remove charge air pressure sensor outside from intake manifold. Check carbon deposition on the mouth of sensor, if there is carbon deposit on the mouth of sensor. Clean that carbon from there and again fit that sensor on the intake manifold. now check the reading of sensor, if reading is now start fluctuating than it means that problem in now solve. But in case if still there is no fluctuation in reading than it could be possible that sensor is faulty. Replace that sensor so that problem can be solve.

Sometime sensor reading does fluctuate when accelerator pedal is press. But still fault code store in control module. To confirm this match the reading of the sensor with the require reading. Check if both the reading is proper or not, if it does not same. Than it could be possible that there is some leak the air intake area. Because when there will be any leak, air will enter into combustion engine from there without counted by charge pressure sensor. This is also a reason due to which 2ab400 charging pressure signal too high fault code is store in engine control module.

Check leakage it intake manifold from where extra amount of air enter into combustion engine. You can find out leak at intake manifold with the help of some test. When found close that leak by repairing or replacing that leak part.


  • Replace faulty charge pressure sensor.
  • Repair damage wiring harness of the charge pressure sensor.
  • Repair leak area of air intake to combustion chamber.
  • Replace any other fault sensor.
  • Clean carbon deposition on the intake manifold.

Common mistake while solving 2ab400 fault code:

Most of the time when this fault code store in control module. Technician go to the process of changing charge pressure sensor. Without diagnosing this fault code properly as this fault code could be store in control module due to some other reason also. Follow all the above procedure to find out the proper solution. That’s why in this situation do no replace any sensor without diagnosing it properly.

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