280500 EGR cooler efficiency too low

Fault code 280500 EGR cooler efficiency too low is related to the problem at exhaust gas cooler. Exhaust gas cooler is use to reduce temperature of exhaust gas during combustion and reduce combustion velocity. Exhaust gas cooler protect engine by lowering combustion with cool exhaust gas. Engine control module control exhaust gas cooler by recieving signal from other sensor at engine control module. As exhaust gas cooler connects exhaust and cooling system of engine. failure inside of exhaust gas cooler can lead to coolant leakage, overheating, and engine damage as well.

This fault code can be store in engine due to many reasons. like faulty air mass sensor, leak at intake pipe after air mass sensor, block diesel perticulate filter, faulty charge air pressure sensor as this sensor are interconnected with each other. when any one from all these sensor send wrong signal to engine control module due to any reason like failure of sensor, damage intake pipe, block diesel perticulate filter, carbon deposit on exhaust gas. than engine control module store fault code in memory 280500 EGR cooler efficiency too low.

Causes of

  • Faulty charge pressure sensor.
  • Block Exhaust gas recirculation valve.
  • Damage or broke Exhaust gas recirculation body or valve.
  • Broke air intake pipe after air mass sensor.

Symtoms of :

  • Drive train fault will illuminate on cluster meter.
  • Low power at high speed.
  • Fault code will store in engine control module.

How to trouble shoot:

  • When fault code CODE store in engine control module. This means that there is some problem at exhaust gas recirculation valve. there might be many thing due to which this fault code store in engine control module. First you need to check manually if there is any leakage at exhaust gas recirculation body. If there is any leak that replace complete EGR body which is leak. But if there is no leak at EGR body than check leak intake air pipe from where air enter into engine. After air mass sensor there should be no leak at air intake pipe. Because when there is any leak at intake air pipe after air mass sensor, air which will enter from there in combustion engine will not count by air mass sensor. Because of which engine control module will fire low amount of fuel in combustion engine in result which there will be now power in engine at high speed.
  • If there is leak at air intake area that close that leak, there should be no extra amount of air enter into combustion engine. Also check vaccum line which is connected with EGR to open or close EGR valve. That should not leak or broken, if there is any leak than replace than vaccum pipe line.
  • If all these thigs are good there is no leak and there is fault code store in engine control module. Than it can be possible that there carbon deposit on EGR or on intake manifold. Remove EGR and intake manifold clean them properly if there is carbon deposit on it.
  • Also check if there is any problem at DPF area. Because most of the time when DPF is clooged this fault could be store in engine control module. As when DPF is block it stop passing exhaust gases as per requirement.
  • Check if there is any fault code is present in engine control module which is related to the block diesel perticualte filter. if there is any fault code than first go to solve the problem of clogged diesel particulate filter. It is possible that after solving problem of clogged diesel perticulate filter this fault code should go automatically.

Solution :

  • Repair or replace damage EGR.
  • Repair or replace boken air intake pipe.
  • Replace damage vaccum pipe.
  • Cleand diesel perticulate filter.

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